Create audiences similar to your top customers in Google Ads

If you’ve ever thought… “if only I could target marketing efforts to people who are just ilke my top customers,” this recipe is for you.

When you use Segment to sync customer event data and traits to Google Ads, you can build audiences of your top customers, and use the Google Ads similar audience feature to target people just like your top customers.

How this works:
  1. If you can, do a bit of upfront LTV analysis to define and identify characteristics of your top customers (here’s a handy guide for calculating customer lifetime value)
  2. Identify users who have completed key conversion or LTV related events like Order Completed or Aha Moment Reached
  3. Build audiences who match the activity of your key events and/or traits using Google Analytics audience builder or via Segment Personas
  4. Sync your newly created audience to Google Ads
  5. Google Ads will automatically create a similar audience for you to use!
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment (here's an ecommerce tracking plan example)
  2. Sync user events and triats to Google Ads or Google Analytics
  3. Build audiences of your ideal customers within your Google Analytics account or using Segment Personas
Tools you need:
Connect Segment + Google Ads

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How Google Ads works with Segment

Segment provides an easy-to-use event mapping interface with Google Ads so you can use your existing track events to trigger conversions and remarketing tags. Revenue will be mapped and passed along automatically, plus your event properties get sent through to Google Ads as custom parameters. You can also fire one or more remarketing tags on all pages of your site, using just the conversion label identifier.

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