The Growth Report

Exploring how data fuels high-performing growth organizations.

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What fuels rapid business growth?

To better understand how best-in-class companies build and operate their growth organizations, Twilio Segment interviewed the leaders of a dozen high-performing growth teams. We then performed a thematic analysis to identify trends in the data.

To discover what ties them all together, download the report. To discover what sets them apart, explore the profiles below.

Company profiles

Each growth team has a unique profile. Dive in to learn their secrets to success.


Morgan Brown

VP, Growth, Shopify

“The notion of a standalone growth team is still an experiment.”

Morgan Brown

VP, Growth

Lauren Schuman

VP, Product Growth, MURAL

“Insights are the lifeblood of a growth team.”

Lauren Schuman

VP, Product Growth

Thibault Imbert

VP, Growth, GitHub

“Organizational design follows strategy, not the other way around.”

Thibault Imbert

VP, Growth

Marissa Aydlett

Chief Growth Officer, Showpad

Kyle Gesuelli

VP, Growth & Data,

Emily Lonetto

Head of Growth, Voiceflow

James Kim

Chief Growth Officer, Courage + Stone

Brian Kotlyar

SVP, Demand Generation, New Relic

“Data is both your measuring stick and your dousing rod.”

Brian Kotlyar

SVP, Demand Generation

Mona Nasiri

Director, Product Growth & Monetization, Zendesk

James de Feu

Director, Self-Serve Growth, Klaviyo

Charudatta Wad

Senior Engineering Manager, Growth, Lyft

Key findings

Quality data fuels rapid business growth

To grow faster than the competition, high-performing growth leaders recognize that their teams need near-constant access to accurate, real-time data.

For this reason, growth leaders prioritize implementing quality data infrastructure and governance early in their tenures.

Growth leaders drive organizational innovation

Recognized for their expertise in digital transformation, best-in-class growth leaders are rewarded with the freedom to make key organizational decisions.

With this power, they leverage cutting-edge organizational designs, such as cross-functional growth squads, to maximize their team’s performance.

The discipline of growth is maturing

What started out as growth hacking has become a legitimate discipline, at least in the eyes of executives and board members.

Growth practitioners have proven themselves to be methodical yet agile team leaders who consistently deliver results.