Video collaboration software company, which was recently acquired by Adobe for $1.275 billion, owes its success to its data-driven approach to growth. The company’s best-in-class data infrastructure and governance provides the foundation needed to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, characterized by relevant communications in real-time, which in turn fuels rapid business expansion. Thanks to the growth team’s cutting-edge practices, over a million professionals rely on for their video needs today.

We recently sat down with’s VP, Growth & Data, Kyle Gesuelli to see how the company structures and operates its 15-person growth team.

Team Structure

The growth team at is centralized under one leader: Kyle Gesuelli. It consists of a growth marketing team, product growth team, and data science team. The growth marketing team resembles a functional hierarchy, with growth marketers reporting into growth marketing leadership. The product growth team, on the other hand, is cross-functional and matrixed.

It consists of two teams: one focused on engagement and one focused on monetization. Both teams have a product manager, product designer, backend engineer, and two frontend engineers, along with shared QA.

These employees report up to their distinct functions despite coming together as a team to work toward a unified goal. The data science team is separate but informs the growth team.

Kyle Gesuelli, VP, Growth & Data,

“Proper implementation of a CDP is really, really critical. It empowers you to create a unified profile and set of traits for your end user or customer.”

Growth Processes

Personalization is critical to how grows. Here’s a high-level look at their process for collecting, storing, enriching, and utilizing customer data.

1. Collect customer data

To better understand their customers, the team first collects a few key variables about every user.

2. Create customer profiles

Next, they aggregate these variables into unique customer profiles via Segment, their customer data platform (CDP), which gives them a 360-degree view of each user.

3. Enrich profiles with third-party data.

The team then enriches these profiles with third-party data from tools like Clearbit and ZoomInfo, which helps them qualify prospects.

4. Integrate with communications tools.

Once has integrated their CDP with popular communication tools, like Autopilot, Appcues, Intercom, and Drift, they use Segment Personas to pass customer data to these tools for use in campaigns.

5. Deliver personalized messages.

Finally, they trigger personalized messages to users based on their behavior in the product and on the website, such as when a customer misses an important milestone in the product.

Tool Stack

Kyle Gesuelli, VP, Growth & Data,

“If you’re not figuring out how to meet the customer’s needs or communicating with them in a way that resonates, you’re not going to be successful.”

Secrets to Success

1. Leading with product

The battle between product growth and growth marketing has a clear winner at While marketing is seen as a method for accelerating growth, product is seen as the main driver of growth.

“Product should lead,” argues Kyle Gesuelli, VP, Growth & Data, “It’s the most efficient way to grow, and it’s the type of growth that compounds on itself.”

2. Knowing our audience

In addition to collecting a few key traits about every user, the growth team hires professionals, from copywriters to designers, who deeply understand the target market. This strategy has improved both their product development and go-to-market motions. “You can’t fake authenticity,” says Kyle Gesuelli, VP, Growth & Data, “It’s just going to roll off their tongue in ways that can’t be mimicked by somebody who doesn’t share that same experience.”

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