Connect all of your customer data

Segment is the single platform to collect, unify, and activate your first-party data

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Collect every touch point

Collect the full view of the customer, across your apps, sales, support, payment and messaging experiences.

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Power all your tools with the same data

Enable the best product analytics, A/B testing, and data warehouse tools with first-party data.

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Use the best tools

Integrate new tools in minutes, not weeks. No more setup headaches and no need to push code.

Same data in all tools

No more waiting for App Store approval. Turn on new tools instantly, even ones without their own mobile SDK.

Focus on product work

Segment makes trying new tools incredibly easy. No more costly integration processes that prevent you from using the best tools.

What is first-party data?

Every marketing and analytics app runs on the same three types of data: who your users are, what they are doing, and where are they when they're doing it. Collect it once with Segment and send it to any tool.


Track how your users interact with your product like purchasing items, viewing a page, or using a feature.


Identify users to determine if they're new or existing customers, and to tie each person to the right actions.


Locate users so you know what page they were on and what device they were using when they performed the action.

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Data governance and controls

We’ve built all the tools you need to manage your customer data.

Debug your data

See a live stream of your event data flowing from your app to Segment’s API.

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Replay your data

Replay your existing data to try new tools faster and eliminate vendor lock-in.

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Observe your data

Easily identify and resolve data delivery issues.

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Customize your pipeline

Functions is a new way to connect thousands of applications to Segment. With just ten lines of JavaScript.

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Subject Rights Management

Streamline your regulatory compliance

Accelerate compliance with regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA with automated data subject rights management and our open source consent manager.

Whether your customers want you to delete or modify their data, or even stop collecting it entirely, Segment has you covered.

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Look under the hood

Having amazing data infrastructure used to be out of reach. Today, that’s no longer the case. We’ve solved the hard challenges around delivering billions of events reliably to downstream APIs so that you can focus on what matters — building your amazing product.

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