Twilio Engage

Build data-driven, personalized customer experiences that grow lifetime value

Deepen customer relationships and efficiently grow your brand by personalizing customer interactions on every channel from a unified, data-first multichannel marketing solution.

Twilio Engage

Deliver unified, personalized customer experiences at scale

Twilio Engage uniquely puts the power of a native customer data platform (CDP) and native multichannel together in one marketing solution to help companies deliver data-driven personalization and drive efficient growth.

Modern customer data foundation

Power all your customer experiences with trusted, real-time, first-party customer data from Twilio Segment’s leading CDP.

Scalable native communications channels

Reach global customers using native channels built on the APIs trusted to send billions of communications every day.

Powerful, unified orchestration and analytics

Build, activate, and measure ROI from one platform to save time and budget while improving campaign performance and efficiency.

Real-time data
—anywhere, anytime

Activate highly personalized experiences with real-time customer data and go from idea to campaign in minutes.

Make data-driven decisions

Gain visibility into your data insights without relying on other teams so you can make smarter decisions and invest your budget more wisely.

Rely on consistent data

Use the same audiences and data in all your tools to provide a consistent message across every channel.

Orchestrate real-time customer journeys

Quickly craft multi-step, multichannel interactions based on real-time customer behavior.

Engage in real time

Gain a complete view of your customers

Get complete, identity-resolved customer profiles in real time and easily build precise audiences in a privacy-first way to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

Build dynamic audiences off of real-time complete profiles

Craft audiences without SQL expertise, with real-time customer interactions including behaviors, traits, and intent signals.

Know your customer in a privacy-first way

Profiles are built with consented data collection and activation for privacy-first personalization across channels.

Discover new engagement opportunities

Identify new customer insights and behavioral patterns to uncover untapped opportunities for engagement in real time.

Orchestrate Journeys

Orchestrate journeys where the data is

Design personalized multichannel journeys using our drag-and-drop visual builder to automate messaging across paid and owned channels.

Go from idea to campaign in minutes

Save time to execution by streamlining personalized journey creation and experimenting on new channels quickly, without requiring engineering resources.

Analyze your multichannel journeys in one place

Track the performance of your multichannel campaigns, gain a high level view with Journey Analytics and set custom conversion goals to understand ROI performance—allowing you to truly understand your customer journey.

Centrally manage omnichannel customer engagement campaigns at scale

Orchestrate and scale personalized campaigns everywhere your customers are using our native channels or 450+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Orchestrate Journeys

Engage customers on trusted native channels

Deliver unified, personalized experiences on native channels, like email, WhatsApp, and SMS, on a single, consolidated multichannel marketing solution.

Craft data-driven email campaigns that drive results

Engage your customers with precise messaging and targeting with multi-step lifecycle campaigns or one–time email blasts.

Consolidate your tech stack to drive efficiency at scale

Reduce expenses by centralizing your multichannel marketing while scaling your communications with native email, SMS, and WhatsApp all in one solution.

Mobile marketing campaigns for each stage of your customer journey

Distribute timely and relevant marketing messages and offers to drive leads, sales, and loyalty across mobile including SMS, MMS and WhatsApp.

Build Complete View

Use AI to turn every customer interaction into a unique customer experience

Segment makes it easier than ever to understand, predict, generate, and engage each individual customer in real-time and at scale.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer with trusted data built on relationships

Understand the nuances and complexities of every customer’s relationship to your brand, their household, account teams, and the world around them with enriched and extended golden profiles.

Put accessible and actionable AI at marketers’ fingertips

Quickly and easily launch precisely targeted and timely campaigns—without the help of data teams—by putting the power of predictive AI directly in the hands of marketers.

Create, activate, and iterate faster for better results

Build the most engaging campaigns in minutes with customer-aware generative AI that automates who to target, how to build the journey, and what messages will resonate best with real-time insights for better results.

Orchestrate Journeys

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Use cases

Drive efficient growth across the entire customer journey


Use first-party data to better target leads, optimize campaigns, and be more efficient with your ad spend.


Easily design personalized, multi-channel communications to drive customers towards purchase with the right message at the right time.


Reactivate dormant customers and keep high-value customers engaged by consistently creating meaningful connections with them.

"With Twilio Engage, we are able to do the work of three or four different tools, all in one centralized platform. We are able to bring transactional conversation and personalized marketing messages all into Twilio Engage for greater efficiency."

Jordan Dietch

VP of Product Management, CraftJack

31% increase in new user signups YoY and 80% increase in engineering implementation efficiency

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