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Legacy Amazon S3 Destination End of Sale

AUTHOR: The Segment team

In Q4 2021, Segment upgraded the AWS S3 integration to improve its security. The new, more secure AWS S3 destination uses an Identity Access Management (IAM) role designated by the customer during setup, which improves privacy and security and aligns with AWS best practices.

Segment is now moving the legacy Amazon S3 destination into Limited Access. This means that:

  • You will see an in-app banner on the old Amazon S3 destination with recommendations and instructions to migrate to the new AWS S3 with IAM destination.

  • You will be prevented from updating any old Amazon S3 destinations, but Segment continues to guarantee delivery and support for both destinations.

Customers using our old Amazon S3 destination are encouraged to migrate to the new, more secure AWS S3 with IAM destination today.

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