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  • Achieve a complete view of your customer

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  • Deliver personalized customer experiences

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Step 1

Create audiences in Segment based on user traits and behavior data collected in any connected source.

Step 2

Identify components of email to personalize, and create trait-based email campaigns for each audience.

Step 3

Plan follow-up action based on user response in Engage. This could be actions like adding them to ad retargeting audiences, email exclusion lists, or new email nurture workflows.

Step 4

Review email performance based on trait and audience, in any connected Segment destination. Refine campaign and workflows to improve performance iteratively.

“We needed an infrastructure that would allow us to scale without any technical debt in the future[...]Twilio Segment is the best product on the market since it can evolve with you as your business grows.”

M'Hamed Larbi

Head of Growth

Increased revenue per customer by 3x, whilst decreasing CAC by 5x

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