What's Engineering at Segment like?

The engineering community at Segment helps facilitate learning, and not only breaks things down to the answers, but weaves in best-practices while I learn.


Engineering Product Manager

I believe Segment is a great place for engineers because it’s both challenging and enabling. On the Sources launch team, I was blown away by Segment’s rapid iteration and emphasis on impact.


Software Engineer

One of the most fulfilling things about working at Segment is being able to solve the data infrastructure problem, on which most companies end up investing a lot of resources. By handling their data, we now allow our customers to focus entirely on their core product rather than having to build and maintain an in-house infrastructure.


Engineering Lead

I believe that perfect engineering management is figuring out what someone is capable of and then consistently figuring out how to push someone 20% out of their comfort zone, while also giving them the support they need to achieve those goals.


Chief Product Officer

Open Engineering Roles