The better way to collect customer data.

Segment is one place to collect customer data and send it to your tools for analytics, marketing automation, and raw data access with SQL.

Collect all your customer data with a single, clean API.

Implement all of your event tracking with Segment’s single API instead of wrangling a new API for every new tool or database. Our integrations let you send your data to hundreds of tools and databases.

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Query your data in SQL

Bring together the complete set of your customer data without building a data warehouse ETL pipeline. We can transform and load your customer behavioral data directly from your websites and apps into Amazon Redshift.

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The customer data model

Tools for analytics, email, user testing, support and more run on the same data: who are your users, what are they doing, and where are they. Our API methods track, identify, and page help you easily structure your customer data for any service on our platform.

Collect data across platforms

No matter where customers interact with your brand, you can collect that data with Segment. We have libraries for websites, mobile apps, and servers, and plugins for popular web platforms.

Use all the tools you need without blockers or dependencies.

Give teams a platform to access the data and tools they need without being blocked by technical complexities or inter-team dependencies.


Visualize data, see how people use your product and identify trends.


Drive new visitors to your product and attribute campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Nurture leads, activate signups, create campaigns and newsletters.


Analyze revenue, optimize and push customers through the funnel.

Sales & Business

Manage relationships, qualify leads and run outbound campaigns.

Customer Support

Offer timely support and identify recurring issues.

Developer Tools

Improve the health and stability of your product and fix problems.

User Testing

See how people are using your product and run experiments.


Push data to any server that accepts web hooks.

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With instant access to new tools, you might want some help deciding which ones to use and what data to track. We’ll help you get setup and suggest the best integrations for you.

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We have thousands of customers interested in trying new tools, and continually add new services to the platform. We make installation a non-issue and offer a new acquisition channel for our partners.

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