We make customer data simple.

Segment is the single hub to collect, manage and route your customer analytics data.

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Power all your apps with the same data

With Segment as your customer data hub, you can focus on building incredible products and attracting more customers. Instead of wasting time integrating all of your tools individually, track data to Segment once. We're the last integration you'll ever do. Try new apps with the flip of a switch.

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Query your data in SQL

Start playing with your data in ridiculous detail with Segment SQL. We'll transform and load your customer behavioral data directly from your websites and apps into Amazon Redshift. Save months of engineering time building a data warehouse and ETL pipeline.

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Install tracking for the last time

Our unified tracking code makes integrating new apps simple. You only need to instrument Segment once, then flip a switch to install new tools. Reduce all of your tracking code and advertising tags into a single API.

Send data from anywhere

Send Segment data from any device, then we’ll transform and send it on to any tool. We support browsers, phones, tablets, smart watches, TVs, iBeacons, and more!

Munchery and Oyster use Segment as their hub to send data from their website, iOS and Android apps.

Put your data to work

Your business runs on customer data. But each team needs a different view and workspace. Use a single hub to manage and dispatch the data to the apps you use everyday.


Visualize data, see how people use your product and identify trends.


Drive new visitors to your product and attribute campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Nurture leads, activate signups, create campaigns and newsletters.


Analyze revenue, optimize and push customers through the funnel.

Sales & Business

Manage relationships, qualify leads and run outbound campaigns.

Customer Support

Offer timely support and identify recurring issues.

Developer Tools

Improve the health and stability of your product and fix problems.

User Testing

See how people are using your product and run experiments.


Push data to any server that accepts web hooks.

Build better products

Our customers don’t just track data. They learn from it and apply insights
to build incredible products. We'll help you break down the bottlenecks
and barriers, so you can start using your data with the flip of a switch.

Bonobos Men's Fashion
Oyster Book Subscription
Munchery Food Delivery
Rdio Music Streaming
Simple Banking
Ayr Women's Fashion

Let’s make it simple.

Start your free trial today and make your data work for you.

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With instant access to new tools, you might want some help deciding which ones to use and what data to track. We’ll help you get setup and suggest the best integrations for you.

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We have thousands of customers interested in trying new tools, and continually add new services to the platform. We make installation a non-issue and offer a new acquisition channel for our partners.

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