Amplitude Cohorts

Behavioral Cohort Export

  • Easily sync Amplitude Behavioral Cohorts to Segment, and beyond

  • Analyze Behavioral Cohorts using your favorite business intelligence and SQL querying tools

Amplitude Cohorts

How Amplitude Cohorts Works

A key feature of the Amplitude Cohorts Event Source is the ability to sync your Amplitude data to Segment. This means you can analyze cohort data in any of your other analytics tools. Amplitude generates an identify call whenever you sync a cohort, and sends that event back to your connected Segment Source. This lets you do deeper analysis in analytics tools or your data warehouse to glean fresh insights from your cohort data. Segment’s backend workflows ensure your cohort data are properly formatted and accurately communicated to other selected Destinations.

Amplitude Cohorts

Get More out of Amplitude with Segment

Amplitude’s Behavioral Cohort export makes it easy to compute cohorts in Amplitude, then sync your data to Segment and on to Segment-connected warehouses and other Destinations, empowering you to analyze your cohorts using the tools that you prefer. To sync Behavioral Cohort data into Segment, you’ll need to first set up and compute your cohorts in Amplitude, then provide your Segment writeKey to Amplitude in their UI.

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