Say goodbye to bad data with Protocols

Protect the integrity of your data and your decisions.

What good is bad data?

You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t trust your underlying data. But without tools to proactively identify tracking issues, your company almost certainly wastes time cleaning up data just to make it useful. With Protocols, you can be confident your data is accurate in all the tools you use.


Keep your teammates in sync with a shared data dictionary


Diagnose data quality issues with actionable reports and alerts


Lock your spec to keep the data in your marketing tools and warehouses clean

Standardize data collection throughout your organization

Quickly create a single source of truth for customer data

Upload your implementation spec via an API or a spreadsheet to create a living Tracking Plan. Align your business teams on which events you collect, what they mean, and the business metrics they drive.

Standardize customer data across channels and platforms

Comparing user behavior across channels requires consistent and accurate data. Tracking Plans can be applied to multiple data sources for consistent implementation across your website, apps, and servers.

Diagnose data quality issues before they impact production

Automate the QA process

Manually testing your tracking code is time consuming and doesn’t always catch every incorrect property or data type. With automatic Data Validation, you can audit your implementation in minutes.

Have confidence in your data

Most companies detect issues after their team has used bad data to make decisions or trigger campaigns. Quickly take action on every invalid and unplanned event with in-app reporting and daily email digests.

Defend against rogue events

Block bad data at the source

You can lock your Tracking Plan to automatically block unplanned events from being sent to your warehouse or marketing tools. You can either permanently discard this data or route it to an isolated database.

Identify and resolve errors during implementation

Engineers don’t get the feedback they need to detect issues during implementation. Protocols lets you pull data from your Tracking Plan directly into your code editor for validation as you code.

Until we started standardizing our data, people didn’t realize how messy it had become. With Protocols, we can be confident that data quality issues don’t happen anymore.

Colin Furlong

Business Intelligence Analyst

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