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Introducing Trait Activation: improve advertising ROI with better match rates

Trait Activation empowers marketers to enhance audience match rates, personalize messaging content, and streamline identifier management, ultimately optimizing advertising ROI and reducing operational costs while ensuring privacy-conscious data use.

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How to Activate Your Data (And Why You Need To)
Engineers & Developers

How to Activate Your Data (And Why You Need To)

An overview of data activation and why it's essential.

Customer Data & Analytics

How to Nail the Hand-Off Between Data and Marketing Teams

Through soft skills and established processes, data teams can hand off customer data to marketers with confidence. Learn how a CDP can streamline data collection, promote collaboration, and reduce dependency on engineering for data insights.

Engineers & Developers

How to manage consent enforcement with Twilio Segment

Announcing the availability of Consent Enforcement in Connections for all Business Tier customers at Twilio Segment, empowering businesses to integrate with any Consent Management Platform and enforce end-users' consent preferences seamlessly.


Unlocking the Power of Facebook's Conversions API with Segment: A Guide to First-Party Data Retargeting

Explore the shifting terrain of online privacy regulations, including Facebook's Conversions API, and learn how Segment streamlines the integration and transmission of first-party data, enabling efficient retargeting strategies.

Customer Data & Analytics

Empowering teams, inspiring solutions: Inside Twilio Segment's build-a-thon

We share the innovations from Twilio's internal build-a-thon, which showcases the transformative potential of integrating Segment, that deliver solutions that address real-world challenges and redefine customer engagement.


Leverage the TikTok Pixel and Twilio Segment to drive conversions and reach new audiences

The Bouqs leveraged the TikTok Pixel and integrated data partner Twilio Segment to drive conversions by optimizing ad campaigns and targeting specific audience segments efficiently.

How to Collect and Use First-party Data for Your Business
Growth & Marketing

How to Collect and Use First-party Data for Your Business

Engineers & Developers

Revamping Segment’s Flink real-time compute platform

Twilio Segment's shift to a Kubernetes-based platform transforms real-time computing, streamlining operations and empowering developers with heightened flexibility and efficiency.


Twilio Segment now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Twilio Segment is now listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace, furthering our dynamic partnership.

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