UI Testing with Nightmare

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  • January Changelog

  • Our Stance on Immigration

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  • Introducing Segment for Facebook Lead Ads

  • Operationalize Your Data with Looker Data Actions and Segment

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  • Four Tips for Building High-Performing Mobile Apps

  • Tips, Tricks, and DIY Burritos at Segment

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  • Segment + Google BigQuery: The Easiest Way to Get Started with SQL

  • Building a Modern Marketing Stack

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  • How-To Guide: Increase the Velocity & Quality of Leads Through Frictionless Signup

  • Enrichment: The Secret to Highly Personalized Customer Experiences

  • What is a tracking plan?

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  • How we added 10 people without hiring a soul

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  • Infographic: How Does Mobile App Size Affect Installs?

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  • Effect of Mobile App Size on Downloads

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  • Set Your Advertising Data Free! New Sources for Facebook and Google.

  • Analyzing Segment’s Mobile API Traffic

  • Lifecycle of a Mobile Message

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  • Watsi: A Life-Saving API, Available on the Segment Platform

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  • Segment Now Supports AMP

  • Continuous Integration at Segment

  • New Sources Added: Analyze the Real Effects of Your Email Campaigns

  • Expert Advice on Common Mobile Data Challenges

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  • The Segment AWS Stack

  • Why We Chose QueueFile for Reliable Request Batching on Android

  • Introducing the Native Mobile Spec

  • How Segment Helps Trunk Club Deliver Personal Style

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  • Specs: A Better Dashboard for ECS

  • Insights from Analyzing 1.5 Billion Push Notifications

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  • What SQL Analysts Need to Know About Python

  • Scaling NSQ to 750 Billion Messages

  • JOINing Customer and Salesforce Data To Close More Deals

  • How Trustpilot Analyzes the Entire Customer Experience

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  • 25 Tools to Integrate Customer Success into Your Business

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  • Measuring the ROI of Support

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  • How Mesosphere Measures and Optimizes its Support Team

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  • Faster Insights with Custom Dashboards for Segment Sources

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  • Introducing Sources: Your Data, Together at Last

  • The Deep Roots of Javascript Fatigue

  • On The Path To Product Market Fit, Don’t Wait For Statistical Significance

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  • How Success Engineers Keep Us Customer-First

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  • The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

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  • Segment is Officially a Green Business

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  • Building a Better Robot: Tracking and Analytics for Slack Bots

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  • Segment Welcomes Tido Carriero from Dropbox as VP of Engineering!

  • 7 Tips to Clean Up Your Data in 2016

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  • Mixpanel and Google Analytics: Debugging Reporting Discrepancies in Four Steps

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  • Why Microservices Work For Us

  • How Instacart Uses Redshift to Drive Growth

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  • Introducing Warehouses: Web and Mobile Data to SQL in Minutes

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  • Opening up Segment to Mobile Partners

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  • Choosing a Database for Analytics

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  • Our Engineering Team's Best Practices

  • Automating Our Infrastructure to Empower Engineers

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  • Announcing Analytics Academy

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  • Which Push Notification Tool Should You Use?

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  • Building Technical Documentation with Metalsmith

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  • Surfacing Integration Errors in the Debugger

  • Michael Schmatz joins Segment!

  • Make Data Actionable: Embed Product Usage Data into Salesforce

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  • Segment Raises $27 Million Series B from Thrive, Accel

  • Rebuilding Our Infrastructure with Docker, ECS, and Terraform

  • Updates to the Segment API and New Integrations

  • We're joining Bridge, an awesome program for designers.

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  • How Segment Models Growth for Two-Sided Marketplaces

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  • The Totally Managed Analytics Pipeline: Segment, Lambda, and Dynamo

  • Newest Analytics and Customer Success Integrations

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  • PagerDuty's Stack for Optimizing Onboarding

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  • Tools to Get to Product Market Fit

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  • GrowthHackers on Metrics that Matter to Communities

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  • Check Out Our New Integrations

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  • Francisco Alberini joins Segment!

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  • Carolann Bonner joins Segment!

  • JJ Nguyen joins Segment!

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  • Arpitha Timmaraju joins Segment!

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  • See Your User Traits in One Place

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  • Event Properties in the Schema

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  • Deku: How we built our functional alternative to React

  • Stephen Guerguy joins Segment!

  • How Minicabster Tapped Customer Data to Grow Sales by 83%

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  • Find the Event You Want to Debug

  • Thomas Foley joins Segment!

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  • New Integrations to Turn on Through Segment

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  • 3 Awesome Examples of Behavior-Based Marketing Automation

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  • Add Standard Events to Your Plan

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  • Welcome to the team, Liz!!

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  • CocoaPods Stats powered by Segment!

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  • Josh Saunders joins Segment!

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  • Make Data Actionable: Adding Customer Data in Zendesk

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  • 13 Marketing Automation Tools & Who Should Use Them

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  • A Beginner's Guide to A/B Testing for Mobile Commerce

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  • Introducing Sherlock

  • Han Kim joins Segment!

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  • How We Use Make

  • Gotchas From Two Years With Node

  • More Control Over Your Schema

  • Brantley Beaird joins Segment!

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  • DIY: Make Your Own Segment Slack Integration

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  • A More Insightful Schema!

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  • What We Learned from Watsi's Data

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  • Introducing the Schema

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  • How SQL Changed Segment

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  • Building Building Blocks

  • 3 Must-Have Email Campaigns for User Engagement

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  • Building the Ultimate Funnel with SQL

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  • Facts vs. Stories: Why Segment Has No API for Sessions

  • Using SQL to Define, Measure and Analyze User Sessions

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  • How Jut Made an Information Radiator with Segment, Keen.io, and LED Lights

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  • A Guide to Universal User ID Mapping

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  • Xplenty and JackDB Will Help You Get Your SQL On

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  • 5 Ways to Craft Push Notifications That Users Actually Want

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  • What to Spend on Customer Acquisition in 5 Easy Steps

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  • Nathan Houle joins Segment!

  • Use FullStory to Understand Your User Experience

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  • You measured LTV. Now what?

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  • Segment welcomes Frank Higgins!

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  • Try Out MobileAppTracking by TUNE for Attribution

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  • How Segment Tracks Data with Segment

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  • Open Source SQL Queries for Your Behavioral Data

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  • Cross-database Joins!

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  • Ryan Dulon joins Segment!

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  • Segment SQL, powered by Amazon Redshift

  • Calvin Edson joins Segment!

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  • Laylee Asgari joins Segment!

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  • Chris Smith joins Segment!

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  • Dominic Barnes joins Segment!

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  • Will Johnson joins Segment!

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  • Alex Millet joins Segment!

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  • Segment Raises $15 Million Series A

  • Connect Android Wear Apps to Google Analytics, Mailchimp and 115+ Analytics and Growth Tools

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  • Andy Jiang joins Segment!

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  • Steven Miller joins Segment!

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  • Q&A: Goodsie and Church of Merch on the Segment Ecommerce Plugin

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  • Build, Measure & Learn: WooCommerce on the Importance of Analytics

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  • Chris Surdi Joins Segment

  • Announcing Segment for Ecommerce

  • The Ecommerce Analytics Story

  • Custom Builds for Android!

  • Garrett Johnson joins Segment!

  • Chris Sperandio joins Segment!

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  • New Facebook Custom Audiences Integration

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  • New Stacklead Integration

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  • New Navilytics Integration

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  • New Nanigans Integration

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  • New {Track:js} Integration

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  • New Iterable Integration

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  • New Alexa Integration

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  • New Hellobar Integration

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  • New CommandIQ Integration

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  • New Piwik Integration

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  • Julian Gruber joins Segment!

  • Amir Abu Shareb joins Segment!

  • Security: Response to OpenSSL Heartbleed

  • Server-Sent Events: The simplest realtime browser spec

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  • The New Live Debugger!

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  • New MailChimp Integration

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  • Distributed Logging Infrastructure with YAL

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  • New Google Adwords Integration

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  • New Bronto Integration

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  • February Github Round-Up

  • New Facebook Ads Integration

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  • New Bing Ads Integration

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  • New Twitter Ads Integration

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  • New Lucky Orange Integration

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  • New Curebit Integration

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  • Say Hello to Organizations!

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  • Jenn Boyce joins Segment!

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  • TJ Holowaychuk joins Segment!

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  • Hydros: how we join Mongo+Redis (by cheating)

  • A Brand New Segment

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  • Jake Peterson joins Segment!

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  • New Segment team page

  • Raphael Parker joins Segment!

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  • Anthony Short joins Segment!

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  • Newest Integration: Drip

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  • We Just Added 5 New Integrations!

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  • New Spinnakr Integration

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  • New Inspectlet Integration: Analyze User Behavior Instantly

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  • 15 New Integrations Since May!

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  • New Webhooks Liberate Your Data in Real-Time!

  • Our Optimizely Integration is Here!

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  • Welcoming Outbound: SMS, Push, Voice, and Email Made Easy

  • Tips for Maintaining an Open-Source Library

  • New: Perfect Audience Integration

  • New Issue Tracking Integration with BugHerd

  • Announcing Pingdom Real User Monitoring Integration!

  • New: Omniture Integration

  • Announcing Qualaroo Integration

  • Welcoming Heap Analytics

  • New integrations, and more all the time.

  • We Just Launched Analytics Academy!

  • How to Make Async Requests in PHP

  • We Just Added Support for PHP and WordPress!

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  • Introducing the Simplest Marketo Integration Out There!

  • The Way Server-side Analytics Should Be

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  • Another Four Integrations!

  • The Future of Analytics.js

  • Three New Integrations

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