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Automate your eCommerce event tracking with Elastic Path with CX Studio

Implementing a high quality eCommerce tracking plan typically takes developer time to set up and maintain. Elastic Path with CX Studio automates your server-side and client-side eCommerce event collection to provide teams with instant on end-to-end tracking for web and eCommerce events.

Elastic PathMade by Elastic Path

Build personalized websites and apps with Uniform visual workspace and Twilio Segment

Are you tired of slow and impersonal customer experiences? Our recipe has the solution, showing you how to seamlessly connect customer data from Segment with Uniform’s integration mesh. Our technique allows you to create visually stunning and high-performing customer experiences across all platforms in under 200ms. Don't let slow load times and generic experiences negatively impact your business - try our recipe today and see the difference for yourself.

Uniform Made by Uniform
Andrew KumarMade by Andrew Kumar
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Clean room collaboration with AWS Clean Rooms and Segment

User privacy laws and strict data privacy standards have made it challenging for advertisers and brands to collect and share consumer data in a privacy compliant manner. Data clean rooms are controlled and secure environments where customer data is processed or analyzed in a way that ensures privacy and compliance with data protection regulations. Data clean rooms offer privacy-centric computing, querying, and aggregated reporting to help unlock powerful use cases such as audience overlap analysis, attribution modeling, and campaign measurement. For businesses that choose to set up their own clean rooms, attaining and leveraging clean, complete, and compliant customer data is a challenge. Brands often lack the ability to easily build a complete view of their customers to then onboard into clean room solutions. Using Segment’s Golden Profiles alongside AWS Clean Rooms is a powerful combination to facilitate robust advertising and analytics use cases. This recipe will show you exactly how to use these tools and empower marketers and analytics teams to thrive in a privacy centric world.

Safdar JaffariMade by Safdar Jaffari
Igor KrtolicaMade by Igor Krtolica

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Win back churned users by coordinating your ad and email campaigns

With this recipe, you’ll learn how to revive users who’ve become inactive. Reviving churned users is often the highest-leverage growth strategy your team can implement.

Demand CurveMade by Demand Curve
Any IndustryMarketingSalesIntermediate

How To Improve Onboarding and Conversions with Segment and Moesif

When it comes to the end-to-end user journey, one of the most important details to watch is how users experience your onboarding and how they convert within your product. With so many product-led companies that stitch together API usage and front-end interactions, many tools fall short.

MoesifMade by Moesif

Mixpanel + Segment: Multi-Touch Attribution in Just a Few Clicks

This recipe shares the steps of how to set up Mixpanel as a Segment destination, and how to perform attribution analysis within Mixpanel.

Greg YeutterMade by Greg Yeutter
Jessica JiaMade by Jessica Jia
Tiffany ChenMade by Tiffany Chen

Identify high-value users with Historical Count analysis

Examine the exact moment in the customer journey that converts new users into high-value customers. Then, create monitoring that surfaces high-value users to build look-a-like audiences.

AmplitudeMade by Amplitude

Supercharge your analytics with real world context from Radar

In this recipe, you'll learn how to use location data to understand where your customers are when they engage with you.

RadarMade by Radar
Any IndustryMarketingAnalyticsProductIntermediate

Using predictive purchase behavior to increase campaign ROI

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to predict the likelihood a user will purchase an item or subscribe to a product within a 30-day timeframe. And use that information to optimize marketing campaigns to deliver the right offer, at the right time, in the format your customer expects.

VidoraMade by Vidora