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Build with Segment data

Enable thousands of companies to instantly activate their first-party data in your app.

Leverage events, not pageviews

Build a Segment Destination to receive high-intent data from every customer touch point in real-time — abstracting away integration code and sending you structured data in the format you accept.

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Why companies choose to build on Segment


Conversion rates

Reduce time to value

Get data flowing in 30 seconds with access to all historical customer data. Partners report 2x their average conversion rate.


Integrations enabled / month

Get discovered

Get noticed by tens of thousands of Segment customers and become one of the 9,000 integrations they enable each month.



Unlock more data

Integrating with Segment means you’re connected to 450+ data sources and destinations. All powered by one simple integration.

Excited to build a Segment integration, but not sure where to start?

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Build an integration within hours

Building a Segment integration is fast and straightforward. With the Developer Portal you can test, submit, and maintain your Segment integration and OAuth flow.

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Fast-growing companies build on Segment

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“The developer experience with Segment was super easy. Docs were robust enough for us to follow and build an integration within a day.“

Michele Riccardo Esposito

Chief Technology Officer