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Modern Patient Engagement Strategies for 2024

In this HIMSS session, we covered the strategies leading healthcare organizations use to modernize their care journey and reduce overall costs by incorporating technologies, like AI.

Identity Resolution: The Solution to Customer Identity in a Cookieless World
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Identity Resolution: The Solution to Customer Identity in a Cookieless World

Discover best practices for identity resolution, along with insights into common pitfalls for data teams to avoid, while exploring customer use cases from Sanofi and Fender that showcase real-world applications.

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CDPs and the Data Cloud: The Data Dream Team of 2024

In this webinar, we sit down with Snowflake to discuss the past, present, and future of how these two tools work together to enable a holistic view of customer interactions and behavior, driving more informed decision-making.

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See Twilio Segment’s CDP in Action: How to boost cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Watch the demo to see how Segment’s CDP enables businesses to boost retention, improve customer loyalty, and grow customer lifetime value using complete, real-time profiles and predictive AI to anticipate customer needs and power personalized experiences.

Win in CX forrester
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How to Win CX with Differentiated Data

Join experts from Twilio Segment and a guest speaker from Forrester as they share how to integrate your warehouse and tech stack to differentiate your CX strategies .

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Decoding the 2024 Customer Data Platform Report

In this webinar, Jim Young and Sean Spediacci covered the future trajectory of trusted customer data strategies in the AI-driven era. They will also provide a comprehensive overview of the trends, challenges, and opportunities revealed in our CDP Report.

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