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Fireside Chat: The State of Personalization in 2024

This fireside chat delves into the role of technology in shaping personalized customer experiences and explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

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How Segment Uses Segment: Activating Your Warehouse Data

During this webinar, we show how Segment’s Customer Experience team and Data Analytics team uses Segment to activate data from the warehouse.

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Drive Customer Growth with a Data Lakehouse and CDP

In this interactive webinar, we explore how Segment’s recent Databricks integrations (storage as a destination, profile sync, reverse ETL) enable businesses to create a truly holistic view of their customers.

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Grow with Segment: Unlock Your Warehouse Data for Precise Customer Engagement

During this session, we demonstrated exactly how Segment’s Data Graph technology allows you to stay synchronized with the warehouse to achieve accurate campaign targeting with heightened data security across all touchpoints.

The quest to be customer-first: Why data warehouses + CDPs are the ultimate dynamic duo
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The quest to be customer-first: Why data warehouses + CDPs are the ultimate dynamic duo

Our latest ebook is your 1,2 punch guide to why data warehouses and CDPs are the ultimate dynamic duo for a customer-first data and marketing strategy.

State of Personalization
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The State of Personalization 2024

For Twilio Segment’s fifth-annual State of Personalization report, we surveyed over 500 executive leaders from various industries to explore how AI/ML technologies are reshaping the market. 

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