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How to Power Sustainable Growth with a Composable CDP in the AI Era

In this interactive webinar, we’ll show you how Twilio Segment’s customizable, flexible, and complete Customer Data Platform empowers businesses to tailor their tech stacks, unlock unique customer insights, and deliver personalization at scale.

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How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Data-Driven Personalization

In this interactive webinar, we demonstrate how Twilio Engage and Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns help businesses collect, unify and activate data to deliver seamless personalized experiences that lower costs and increase customer Lifetime Value.

data to dollars

Data to Dollars: How 3 Companies Saved Millions with AI

In this ebook, we share three stories of companies who have invested slowly and methodically in their data infrastructure to help them utilize AI effectively, and are getting real returns from AI as a result.

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Unlock ROI with Precise Personalized Customer Engagement Strategies

During this webinar, Kyle Turcotte, Senior Product Marketing Manager, dives into Twilio’s Marketing Campaigns to show how businesses can create highly personalized and precise email marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

Real-Time Data, Real Cost-Savings
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Real-Time Data, Real Cost-Savings

Unleash the power of real-time product recommendations, revolutionize how you work with real-time identity resolution, and learn how real-time data + AI/ML creates a competitive edge for your business.

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How to Foster Trust in Data-driven AI Customer Engagement

In this interactive webinar we show how Segment’s CDP seamlessly unifies first-party customer data, serving as the foundation for AI models that generate intelligent responses, anticipate customer needs, and drive higher conversion rates.

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