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PrivacyCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Customer Data & Analytics

Data democracy: take control of privacy and customer experience with a Customer Data Platform

During this webinar, we demonstrate how Twilio Segment’s leading Customer Data Platform enables compliant and consented data use – without having to worry about cookies.

Customer EngagementCustomer Data Platform (CDP)

IDC Whitepaper: A Platform Approach is Critical to Customer Engagement Success and Building Trust

Learn the key to driving personalized interactions at scale and increasing profits, all while protecting and securing customer data in this IDC whitepaper.

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)Customer EngagementPersonalizationMarketing

How to Drive Revenue with Personalized Experiences

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Segment’s leading Customer Data Platform helps businesses implement data-driven strategies with our customer data maturity framework to personalize customer experiences that increase revenue and protect the bottom line.

Your Guide to Quitting Third Party Cookies
Customer EngagementPersonalizationCustomer Data & Analytics

Your Guide to Quitting Third-Party Cookies

This ebook explains what’s changing with third-party cookies, how it will affect businesses, and four opportunities to bring data collection in-house.

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)Customer EngagementPersonalizationMarketing

Twilio Engage Customer Spotlight Series: How to Transform Your Customer Experiences with a Customer Data Maturity Framework

In this interactive webinar, we sit down with Vasaca to learn about their CDP evaluation process, the partnership between engineering and marketing, and how advancing their data maturity resulted in a 3x increase in guest bookings from personalized emails.

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MarketingCustomer Engagement

5 Tried and True Acquisition Campaigns + Templates

In this guide, we walk through 5 effective customer acquisition campaigns, step by step.

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