How Dialpad uses Twilio Segment to create personalized solutions and solve self-service onboarding challenges

With Twilio Segment, Dialpad can access real-time website data to deploy its AI-powered chatbot to offer help when self-service customers need onboarding guidance during sign-up.

We had disparate systems storing all this data and we were able to pull those traits into Segment and actually leverage them. We’re starting to really see the benefit, and I think that’s been a relatively understated accomplishment.

Andrew Gai, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Dialpad


Dialpad wanted to expand its customer base, run campaigns at scale, and increase its speed to market. It needed a better way to manage data in its multiple backend databases to focus on personalization and add new revenue streams without additional resources. Putting the right tools and infrastructure in place would allow for more targeted messaging and timely delivery.


Dialpad turned to Twilio Segment to kickstart its ability to onboard users and get customers to value quickly. Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects data from across Dialpad’s platform and pushes it to downstream tools. The Growth Marketing team now tracks customer experiences in real time and focuses their attention on increasing software adoption.

Dialpad is a leading  AI-powered communications, collaboration, and contact center platform, providing a customer- and cloud-first solution that enables more efficient and effective conversations. 

The San Francisco-based company provides a comprehensive suite of advanced features to streamline business communications and improve productivity. By leveraging the Twilio Segment backend as well as AWS, Dialpad better supports its customers from startups to Fortune 1000 companies with thousands of product licenses spread across their workforce.


Integrating customer data across a disparate ecosystem

Dialpad needed to develop a deeper understanding of customer behavior across all touch points. With data spread across multiple databases, there was no way to analyze customer interactions. This presented a challenge for their self-service sign-up channel where customers sometimes faced roadblocks with no clear way around them.

Andrew Gai, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Dialpad, and his team recognized the need to adopt a more strategic approach to alleviate pain points and increase revenue. The company needed a single profile that combined web interactions, in-product behavior, and back-end warehouse data. Increased visibility would empower the company to create more personalized customer experiences. It would also reduce their reliance on Engineering and other teams, increasing speed to market.

Boosting a tech stack with real-time customer data

Dialpad’s tech stack included a robust backend. Their team pulled everything into BigQuery’s cloud data warehouse, but data was stored in different silos, leading to bifurcated worlds. 

Storing data in disparate systems posed a challenge, preventing them from having a unified customer view. They needed to map their customers across all databases. They tried to get real-time visibility as well with Amplitude, but the analytics tool only got them to within an hour, not the real-time event data they needed to make product recommendations or offer help. 

Dialpad selected Twilio Segment because of its focus on the customer experience. It collects website user behavior in real time, allowing the Growth Marketing team to activate its unified, consented customer data to optimize campaigns with personalized messaging. 

Creating a single source of truth for customer data

Combining multiple data sources into a single CDP lets Dialpad manage customer information across its complete line of products and services. Capturing data from every touchpoint allows them to personalize customer experiences and suggest products based on past actions.

Dialpad 2

Assisting self-service customers with AI-powered chatbots 

Dialpad solved a recurring self-service problem connected to customer data and its static web page design. During checkout, customers sometimes received an error message halting their progress. The message could be caused by any number of factors and without insight into customer behavior there was no way to identify the problem or offer an immediate solution. 

In some cases, a customer entered a credit card number that didn’t match their address. The remedy was simple but without real-time visibility into customer actions, they couldn’t provide one. Customers then had to contact support, defeating the purpose of a self-service option.

What previously would have taken days to resolve had other teams been involved, Matej Kan, Growth Marketing Manager, accomplished in under 30 minutes using real-time data. He set up an AI-powered chatbot to assist customers in that moment, identifying the error so it could be corrected, enabling customers to continue through the self-service checkout process, resulting in a 25% lift in signup completions. 

Identifying website visitors with unified customer profiles

Dialpad uses the Segment CDP to overcome a different kind of challenge. They knew their customers returned to their website to research additional products, but they had no way of identifying them during those visits, missing an opportunity to promote key product features in real time. 

Twilio Segment Connections creates unified customer profiles, pulling data from multiple event-streaming sources, which allows the company to identify repeat visitors. This creates an opening to share the benefits of products they browsed and recommend related products. 

The previous lack of customer visibility limited the effectiveness of their AI-powered chatbot. Feature-rich product pages to help customers find information were never displayed. And follow-up emails–one of Dialpad’s most important communication channels–were never sent.  

After deploying Twilio Segment, upselling to customers became easier and more cost-effective. Their retargeting efforts used concrete customer behavior data, so their ROI was higher. With this real-time data, the marketing team could track user behavior across their website and other engagement platforms and deliver targeted messages at the most effective times.

Dialpad 3
Dialpad’s contact center platform supports phone, MMS, and video chat.

Achieving marketing goals with a customer data platform 

Three goals topped the Growth Marketing team’s list of must-haves for a customer data platform. It didn’t take long for Dialpad to check each item off their list.   

#1 Expansion 

Dialpad sought to monetize its free trial and freemium video conferencing product. Personalizing the web experience with unified customer profiles allows them to seize opportunities to convert free trials to paid subscriptions and upgrade freemium users.   

#2 Running campaigns at scale 

With siloed data issues behind them, Dialpad now focuses on increasing product adoption through personalized marketing. Due to data complexity, it used to take two weeks to execute a campaign, at which point the customer data was stale. With real-time data, they now send large-scale campaigns with confidence that the timely messages will resonate with customers.

#3 Increasing speed to value for customers

Dialpad’s reliance on other teams had affected their speed to market. Over-reliance on email also slowed things down. Now, with real-time customer actions tracked and easily accessible, sending messages that correspond to the proper stage in the customer sales cycle is easy.  

Looking ahead and scaling for future growth 

Next up, Dialpad plans to expand usage of the customer data platform to more departments. 

Andrew noted that Twilio Segment has allowed the company to future-proof other projects. For example, as existing backend platforms are cycled out, they’ll be replaced by the Connections database. And because their customer data is already connected, his team sees more opportunities to leverage the entire Twilio Segment toolbox for upcoming initiatives. 

One such project is already being discussed. Because Dialpad’s growth is driven by subscriptions, when licenses aren’t used, a customer may repurpose them or scale back at their next renewal. Rather than wait, his team plans to deploy campaigns to drive product adoption across enterprise accounts using email messaging and other engagement methods.

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