Gameball (Actions)

Grow sales with loyalty points, rewards, and referrals.

  • Gamified loyalty programs for e-commerce businesses

  • Includes badges, levels, push notifications and referrals

  • Classic Loyalty through classic pointing system

  • Manage user retention, user base growth

  • Word-of-mouth marketing through referral programs¬†

  • Offers a combination of the above features to create a large integrated program for e-commerce businesses

Gameball (Actions)

How Gameball Works

Gameball is a customer loyalty and rewards tool that helps businesses increase customer retention, drive repeat purchases, and boost customer loyalty through gamification and personalized experiences.

Through integration Gameball with your Salla store, you can easily enable the following:

  • Unified customer profile across online and retail

  • RFM Segmentation

  • Points Wallet

  • Cashback points

  • Loyalty Campaigns Personalized

  • Reward with Badges

  • VIP tiers with special benefits

  • Leaderboard

  • Referral program with unique links for each customer

  • Multi-step referral rewarding

  • Redeem your points for discounts, vouchers, free products,

  • Network of gift cards

  • Email, In-app, Push notifications for loyalty transactions

  • Customer loyalty profile widget interface

  • Multi-language customer widget

  • Separate program for each country

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Mobile SDK & APIs to

Possible Use Cases for Gameball:

Retaining Existing Customers

  • Make customers come back through reward campaigns that encourage customers to make more orders or spend more on orders.

  • Automate marketing to inactive users with limited time offers that encourage them to come back.

  • Show your high value customers you appreciate them with VIP tiering and exclusive benefits.

Attracting and Converting New Customers

  • Cart Abandonment: Create automation flow that gives the customer a time limited reward if they complete their order within a limited amount of time.

  • Motivate the customers to complete registration using a welcome reward either discounts, vouchers, cash in your connected wallet, or free product

  • Reward customers based on your definition of acquisition, like doing first order, doing third one, or spending a specific amount

  • Build a referral program that reward customers for their word of mouth invites by sharing their unique link with friends.

Boosting your Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Upselling: Offer your customers a reward to earn if they reach a specific amount of this order

  • Cross-selling: Launch a new loyalty offer on buying specific product from another category or brand under your group

  • Segment customers based on purchase behavior, for example if they bought from sports category, automate a flow to "Sports Buyers" segment to upsell new collection of Sports

  • Reward the customers for non-transactional valuable actions, such as doing reviews or following your social media page

Gamifying Customer Experiences:

  • Create a milestone challenges to the customer to achieve in order to earn badge and points, and show the progress bar of this challenge with automated reminders

  • Segment the customers based on their level of activity and assign a personalized loyalty offers with badges to them based on their segment,

  • Create a journey of milestones in form of challenges to take the customer through a valuable path for your both sides, Example: 1st Badge for doing first order, 2nd Badge for spending $$, 3rd Badge for fifth order, etc

  • Create a leaderboard based on points collected or friends referred to create a sense of competition and community enrichment

Gameball (Actions)

Get more out of Gameball with Segment

Enabling Gameball with Segment makes it simple to send customer profile data and Events/Orders data from Segment to Gameball. All you need to do is add the Gameball integration from the Segment destination page, paste your API & Secret Keys credentials, and tell us what traits/attributes are relevant to your Events/Orders - allowing for relevant data to be communicated automatically. Please note, a Gameball account is needed.

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