Last week, we announced new support for popular ecommerce platforms including Goodsie, a stylish store builder with neat customers like Church of MerchThe Boomcase, and Strolby. We sat down with Jonathan Marcus, founder and CEO of Goodsie, and Jeremy Mora, founder and CEO of Church of Merch, to learn more about how merchants are using Segment on the Goodsie platform.

Segment: Let’s start with the basics. What is Goodsie?

Jonathan: Goodsie provides modern ecommerce software for small and medium size retailers. Our real-time design system is drag-and-drop, modular and can be easily customized by people of all skill levels. We enable anyone to build an Internet Retailer Top 500 level ecommerce presence without the technical overhead associated with other ecommerce platforms. We also have a multi-store white label ecommerce platform for companies like Church of Merch who host multiple stores for different customers.

Segment: And that brings us to Church of Merch. Could you tell us about your business?

Jeremy: We provide merchandise services (product production, fulfillment, ecommerce and tour support) to many of the world’s leading EDM artists like Dada Life, Zedd, Krewella and lots of other popular musicians such as Beck and Phoenix. We use Goodsie as a platform to build all of our stores.

Segment: That’s awesome! We’ve got a lot of fans of those bands around here, so we’re amped y’all are using Segment. Jonathan, how does Segment work on the Goodsie platform?

Jonathan: Segment provides our customers with access to a vast array of the best-in-class third-party analytics and marketing services like Olark (live chat), Optimizely (A/B testing), Mixpanel (real-time analytics), and 100+ others. And, they do this without requiring any technical integration, which tightly aligns with our code-free product positioning.

Segment: That’s a good point! Our ecommerce plugins make Segment available to store owners with zero code for the first time. Jeremy, what are the benefits of code-free integration in your opinion?

Jeremy: We are currently using Segment to connect with CrazyEgg for heat-mapping and Olark for live chat. Soon, we would like to add Mixpanel for real-time analytics and Optimizely for A/B testing. Segment allows us to turn all of these services on instantly and without any technical work! Having on-demand, technical free access to all of these best-in-class services allows us to become more sophisticated with analytics, optimization and marketing, which translates into more sales and a smarter process for the musicians we work with.

Thanks again to Goodsie and Church of Merch for chatting with us! To learn more about our options for ecommerce, click here or sign up today.