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Segment is the single platform to collect and manage your analytics data.

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Segment for Engineering

Collect data from anywhere.

Collect user events from any platform with our simple analytics API.

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Collect data from any platform.

Send us data from any part of your product: mobile, web, or server. We have performant, open-source libraries for every platform.

Enterprise-grade scale.

Over 20,000+ companies collect over 1 trillion events every month on our APIs.

Collect data chart `Page Viewed` 4s `Product Added` `Order Completed` Push events to your favorite tools
Integrate your data to over 300+ apps with the flip of a switch.
Integrate your data

Power all your apps with the same data.

Integrate your data to over 300+ apps with the flip of a switch.

Explore Tracking API
Activate any tool instantly
Activate any tool instantly

Integrate new tools in minutes, not weeks. No more setup headaches and no need to push code.

Make your mobile integrations agile
Make your mobile integrations agile

No more waiting for App Store approval. Turn on new tools instantly, even ones without their own mobile SDK.

Remove vendor
Remove vendor lock-in

Segment makes trying new tools incredibly easy. No more costly integration processes that prevent you from using the best tools.

Query and access your data.

We've built APIs to make querying & accessing your data super easy.

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