Qualaroo is a survey tool that helps you “understand and address the real issues that prevent conversions”. We’re excited to announce that the Qualaroo integration on Segment is now available.

Normal analytics can show you conversion rates, but that’s only half the answer. You need to know why users aren’t converting! That’s where Qualaroo comes in. When a user is about to drop out of your conversion funnel, Qualaroo lets you pop up a survey and ask them a question.

If you’re trying to improve a particular part of your app, there’s no better way than asking users right when they’re trying to use it. For example, we want to make our Segment setup flow as smooth as possible, so we’ve started using Qualaroo to ask our users “Are you stuck setting up?”

This’ll make our setup flow better and better as we hear everyone’s feedback.

To try Qualaroo on your own site, head over to your Segment integrations page and drop in your Qualaroo API keys. Qualaroo even has a free trial, so give it a spin.