Over the last week we’ve gotten lots of requests for specific integrations. Four new integrations are now available under your integrations tab, and you can toggle them off and on at will!


Is a general web analytics tool that lets you oversee all your sites at once. It’s beautifully designed and dead simple. Gaug.es


Helps you increase your sales with targeted email marketing based on user behavior. For example, email the people who signed up but haven’t activated. Read more at getvero.com.

Quantcast and comScore

These two ad market beacons give 3rd party verification to your traffic volume, which is critical for publishers. They don’t use our API but it’s one less javascript snippet on your page. Quantcast.com and comScore.com.

If you want to integrate any or all of these services, sign up above. You can toggle these integrations on or off with a single click under the integrations tab.

May these new integrations keep your code cleaner than ever before. More soon :)