From user testing to support and predictive analytics tools, check out the latest Segment integrations you can turn on with the flip of a switch! Read on to learn about Appboy, Appcues, Apptimize, Elevio, Framed, and Wootric.


Retention on mobile is a particularly tricky beast, and Appboy, a mobile marketing automation platform, can help you figure it out. The platform focuses on increasing user engagement and reducing churn with push notifications, email, in-app messages and a rolling newsfeed. You can target user profiles, segment audiences, and create multi-channel campaigns.

If you turn on Appboy through Segment, you can create detailed user segments and apply filters to custom event and attribute data. For example, if you’re an ecommerce app, you could send triggered messages to folks who have abandoned carts of a certain value.

Another cool feature is Appboy’s ability to automatically crunch purchase data, so you can trigger messages to your biggest spenders.


Appcues is a user testing tool that helps you improve user engagement with personalized in­-product experiences. Non-technical folks can use Appcues to build personalized user onboarding flows, tutorials, or contextual announcements based on a user’s behavior without writing code. We’ve heard this feature is very popular with marketers and customer success managers.

If you want to drive existing users to adopt a new feature, you can also use Appcues to send in-app notifications at the right time for each user. Their targeting engine suggests in-product experiences to a segment of users based on their previous in-app behavior. And, you can use the customizable UI themes and drag-and-drop interface to make sure the messages match your brand design.


Apptimize, an optimization tool for native mobile applications, helps mobile product managers and developers iterate quickly with A/B Testing and Instant Updates. Their visual editor lets you tweak native app without having to code or wait for App or Play Store approvals. For experiments with complex user flows, new features, or algorithms, Apptimize also offers a code-based option for fast and powerful A/B tests.

Iterations that used to take months now take mere minutes. Apptimize lets you question and test steps in your user experience, and craft different variants to see which would perform best, like in Glassdoor’s A/B test below.

Additionally, Apptimize’s Instant Update feature helped HotelTonight quickly add an option to apply promo codes during the Apple Watch release and avoid the lengthy and unpredictable App Store submission process. HotelTonight’s product team entered in their preferred text, pushed it out to production, and saw the change within 15 minutes.


elevio is an embeddable support solution which leverages your existing customer service platforms — like Intercom, Zendesk or Olark to name a few — to offer personalized and relevant assistance to your users when they need your help most.

By including relevant knowledge base content, interactive support tickets, live chat, and user powered comments in a single tab on your site, you can identify when a conversion or users experience might be at risk, and then deliver the support experience users need.

You can create a customized, in-app, contextual support system by adding new modules to your elevio tab like chat, articles, RSS feeds, site status or forms.

Customers are 45% more likely to leave a site if they cannot get prompt, concise support. Some of the most important factors in delivering a successful support experience include improving user engagement, providing adequate education, decreasing bounce rates. With elevio installed on your site, users can get help quickly by clicking through the tab right into support articles.


Framed is an analytics platform that uses predictive analytics to identify which customers are likely to leave by aggregating conversions and engagements across your user base.

With Framed, product teams can easily see what actions lead to churn, so they can prioritize new designs effectively, and marketers can target at-risk users with re-engagement campaigns.

Framed’s event distributions help you understand the differences between your high and low value users. For example, people might need to log in at least 5 times in their first week to become long term customers. Churned users, on average, log in twice and never return.

In addition to preventing churn, Framed helps you analyze the results of new product features, onboarding redesigns, and marketing campaigns. They’ll prepare a baseline of monthly churn rates, so you can measure improvements and see trends based on product and marketing changes. If you’re interested in learning how to reduce user churn, check out the Framed integration.


Wootric collects customer feedback inside your product based on the Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®), widely recognized as a simple and powerful way to understand customer happiness. Setting up a consistent and actionable NPS® program can be time and resource intensive, but Wootric helps you get a NPS® program up and running in minutes without the need to touch any code.

Unlike traditional email campaign-based NPS®, Wootric regularly measures customer sentiment by sampling users inside the web application with a low friction survey design. Feedback is fresh and contextual, and response rates average between 40-60 percent.

Because Wootric is always running in the background, you can easily track changes in customer sentiment over time, close the loop directly with individual customers inside your Wootric dashboard, and identify feedback themes that can help improve your product.

If you’re in marketing, you can also use Wootric to identify and engage with your advocates, drive referrals and testimonials. Additionally, growth and product teams can use customer feedback to quickly inform product decisions and a/b test new growth initiatives. Flip on Wootric to start gathering customer sentiment and go beyond NPS®.

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