Introducing Sources: Your Data, Together at Last

Ilya Volodarsky on April 6th 2016

Most companies analyze what’s happening on their mobile apps and websites, but that’s only a sliver of the customer experience. Your customers aren’t just using your app—they’re also sending in support tickets, opening emails, talking with your sales team, tapping through your text messages, and more.

Each of these touchpoints influences your customers’ likelihood to sign up, activate, purchase, and re-purchase, but it’s been nearly impossible to know precisely how, or by how much because each tool stores your data in isolation, away from all of the other tools you use.

Digging into Salesforce data meant using the dreaded data loader. Analyzing SendGrid email opens over time required building your own webhook ingestor. Most frustrating, you couldn’t join together Salesforce, SendGrid and Zendesk datasets with other cloud services or your product data because each stream lived in different databases.

Until now.

Introducing Segment Sources

Today, I’m excited to announce Sources, a new offering from Segment that provides unprecedented access to new types of customer data.

With just a few clicks, you can load data from Salesforce, Zendesk, Stripe, SendGrid, Mandrill, Intercom, Hubspot, and Twilio straight into Redshift or Postgres without writing a line of code. (Coming soon: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Postgres, MySQL, and more!)

With Sources, you can understand the complete customer experience. Sure, you can drill down beyond the limitations of a particular tool’s dashboard with that data in a flexible SQL format. But what’s more exciting are the possibilities of combining this data with your traditional analytics data from your websites, mobile apps and servers.

You can retrieve a complete list of interactions across marketing, sales, and support for a particular customer in a single query. You can finally learn how interactions with your support team affect customer activation and conversion. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Getting started is easy. Just enter the credentials for your cloud services and data warehouse, and we’ll start syncing your data. You’ll be notified when the data is ready for you. 😎

No writing code, no maintaining data pipelines, no silent fails or late-night pages. We manage the entire infrastructure so that you can focus on getting value from your data, not supporting the code to move that data around.

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Understand your customers better

Here are a few ways companies like Instacart, Trunk Club, and Mesosphere are already using Sources.

  • Quantify the value of customer support. Mesosphere ties together Zendesk and Salesforce data to understand how interactions with a support representative affect upgrades and churn. They also use this data to prioritize bug fixes and product requests by connecting each suggestion to existing and potential revenue.

  • Understand the effects of email over time. Trunk Club analyzes Mandrill data to dig beyond campaign aggregates. They’re looking into how users that regularly open (or don’t open) emails behave differently from less engaged customers over time.

  • Learn which product features lead to bigger deals. Trustpilot uses Segment and Salesforce together to understand what actions correlate with a higher contract value. Trustpilot leverages this data to better score leads and push users in the product toward these “aha” moments.

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Start querying today

At Segment, our goal is to make customer data easy to use and accessible across your entire organization.

  • Collect — Gather user data from your website, mobile apps, servers, and cloud services.

  • Structure — Abstract your data into user identities, actions, and business objects.

  • Integrate — Send the data to more than a hundred tools for analytics, email, and more with the flip of a switch.

  • Access — Load your raw data into a relational database without building a data pipeline.

With each new product and feature, we are building a more complete customer data platform. Sources is the latest step on our mission to make your data work for you.

Unite your data today or learn more at our upcoming webinar.

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