Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve just released another premium add-on: our Marketo integration. Marketo is a popular lead-nurturing and lead management system. It helps you keep track of all your leads, syncs them with Salesforce, and keeps your users engaged with in-depth marketing compaigns.

Marketo doesn’t provide any official language libraries of their own, so before today integrating with Marketo required using their SOAP XML API, a process that usually takes a month.

The cleanest Marketo API ever.

Instead, integrating with Segment means the whole process takes less than an hour. You can use the same clean API you’ve come to expect from any of our production-ready libraries: Javascript, PHP, .NET, Java, Node, Ruby, Python, Android, iPhone, WordPress or any other HTTP enabled device via our REST API.

So now you can update your Marketo leads from your website, from your servers and, for the first time ever, right from your mobile apps with a nice, clean API.

No more custom server code.

Part of our Marketo integration includes a completely transparent inclusion of Marketo’s Munchkin Javascript library. Which means you no longer have to write custom server-side code to handle signing requests in the browser. We handle all of that for you automatically!

HubSpot vs. Marketo vs. Pardot

If you’re looking to compare it other lead nuturing systems, you can also checkout our HubSpot integration and our Pardot integration which are similar tools. You can easily toggle all three of them on on your Segment integrations page and see which one you like most!

Not to mention, once you’ve installed Segment you can easily flip on all our other types of tools, so not only can you compare Marketo and HubSpot, but you can turn on KISSmetrics or Mixpanel with the click of a button as well!

PS. Coming up next in your premium integration pipeline are Salesforce in April and Omniture in May, so subscribe to the blog to stay updated! If you’re interested in using either of those integrations, shoot us an email.