To understand, serve, and message your customers effectively, you need context from their entire experience—not just a piece of it. That’s why we’re committed to continuing to build out our catalog of Sources for Segment Connections so you can activate your complete customer journey in the tools your team needs.

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest additions to Connections: a React Native library, a new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source, and persistent retries.

With these updates, you now have access to 15 libraries and 28 Sources from which you can reliably collect your first-party customer data, maintaining a consistent view of your user across every tool and department within your company.

Implement the new Segment library for React Native

With Segment’s support for React Native, you can now instrument your React Native applications with analytics code once with Segment instead of having to integrate all of your tools over and over again one by one.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript library for building mobile applications for iOS, Android, and other supported platforms. React Native allows engineering teams to ship native mobile apps faster by sharing code across platforms in JavaScript.

Segment and React Native

Using Segment’s React Native library Source makes it easy to send your mobile app data to any analytics or marketing tool without having to learn, test, implement, and maintain a new API every time your team wants to try a new tool.

Learn more about Segment’s React Native library.

Go beyond standard Salesforce Marketing Cloud reports

Accelerate in-depth reporting for your email campaigns with our new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source, you no longer have to build your own expensive, custom pipelines to send your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data to your data warehouse and dig deeper into your campaign performance.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation suite by Salesforce that allows you to build customer journeys and campaigns for email, SMS, and push notifications.

Segment and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source, you can better understand the effectiveness of your campaigns by combining your campaign data with your clickstream data directly in your business intelligence tools to get a more complete view of your users’ journeys. While we already support Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a Destination, adding it as a Source now enables you to send your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data to your data warehouse so you can further explore, visualize, and act on your data with your Business Intelligence tool.  

Learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source.

Improve your data deliverability with persistent retries for analytics.js

Persistent retries for analytics.js, our most popular Source, ensures you’ll never lose any data even when your users run into internet connectivity issues. By storing events in a queue on the user’s browser before sending them along to Segment, we can ensure your data gets to your intended Destinations.

What is persistent retries for analytics.js?

More and more companies have started to support “offline mode” for their mobile web applications so their users can interact with their applications even when they don’t have an internet connection. But what happens to your analytics events that fire while your users are offline?

Whether your app is designed with offline in mind or a user just loses internet connectivity, Segment will maintain deliverability of your events. Segment does this by storing the events in localStorage and retrying up to ten times to ensure your data is consistently being delivered to Segment and all of your downstream tools.

Persistent retries is currently enabled for all workspaces using the analytics.js Source. To see how much of your data was delivered on retries, head to our data visibility dashboard.

Learn more about persistent retries.

Segment is continuously adding updates to Connections. To see what’s new, head over to our catalog or log in to your workspace.

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