New Integrations to Turn on Through Segment

Liz Yee on April 29th 2015

This month, we have a bunch of new integrations to showcase that you can start testing with the flip of a switch. Read on for the scoop on how you can use Autopilot, Indicative, Sendwithus, Blueshift and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) for analytics and marketing automation.


Autopilot is a lifecycle marketing tool that lets you create customer “journeys” in an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

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With Autopilot and Segment, you can sort users into different communication tracks based on past behavior and speak to their expressed interests or where they are in the buying cycle. Beyond email, Autopilot also supports SMS and snail mail automation.

Want to send a postcard to new customers? No problem.

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If you’re just getting started building out marketing automation tracks, check out Autopilot’s community driven guidebook to get some ideas. You can learn how to assign leads from new signups directly to your CRM, add email touches with a delay in between, and personalize postcards and SMS as easily as email. Learn more about Autopilot and how to automate personalized communications by catching a replay of our webinar.


Indicative, an integration that is growing quickly on the Segment platform, offers analytics for mobile and web companies with a real-time dashboarding system and the freedom to answer custom queries without SQL.

Unlike many other analytics tools, Indicative lets you join, rename, and relabel any combination of events without touching the code. Additionally, you can toggle between a segmentation query, funnel or cohort analysis, or user profile directly on the dashboard and in real time.

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Some of their latest features include revenue analysis that returns financial data instead of event frequency counts, reverse funnels that let you work backwards from the user’s last event, and UTM parameter support for automatically attributing marketing channels.

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Sendwithus helps you send better, faster emails to your customers. Sendwithus works directly with your email service provider like Mailgun and Sendgrid, so you can control of transactional emails without the need for coding.

You can use their email workflow, design and code assets, access to dynamic user data to build your onboarding campaign, product updates, and promotions. They offer A/B testing and the ability to set up drip campaigns with automated followups.

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Another cool thing about Sendwithus is that they can help you take care of emailing international customers in the right language. They have a built-in translation tool, so there’s no need to worry about common translation errors.

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Blueshift helps ecommerce companies convert web and mobile visitors into engaged, repeat buyers with what they call predictive marketing automation.

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Blueshift’s technology crunches user behavior and history to form a customer score that updates in real time. The scores are used to help you determine how frequently to message, relevant discounts to offer, and appropriate budgets to spend on display retargeting for different segments.

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The multichannel options lets you narrow web display and Facebook ad retargeting efforts to customers with actual purchase intent. Blueshift is a great B2C tool if you’re looking to target users with automated and personalized marketing through multiple channels.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, previously known as ExactTarget, is a B2C marketing automation tool. With high profile customers Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Stanley Black & Decker and Vodafone, the tool is typically a good fit for enterprise companies who may also be interested in Salesforce’s consulting and implementation services. SFMC makes it easy for users to reach prospects sooner through building customer lists, automating customer journeys, drawing insights from social engagement and analyzing results.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud recently released Content Builder, a new cross-channel content editor, and Content Canvas, a content management application to ensure a consistent brand voice.

Get Started

To turn on these tools, go to your Segment dashboard, enter your credentials, and click “save and enable.” That’s all there is to it. If you’re new to Segment, you can learn more here.

Interested in joining the Segment platform? Check out our new partner process.

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