We’re excited to welcome ClientSuccess, Natero, Parse.ly, Ramen and Webtrends to Segment. If you’re looking for a new tool in customer success or analytics, read on to learn what they can do!


Gone are the days where only sales representatives have CRMs. Customer Success is an increasingly popular department within every SaaS company, and now customer success managers (CSMs) can use ClientSuccess to manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base.

With key inputs like renewal dates, support tickets, product usage, engagement activities, and lifecycle progress, you can monitor the daily pulse of clients and identify those at risk. Additionally, there’s a module where you can see your client’s product usage over time.


Natero is a Customer Success platform that helps B2B SaaS companies maximize customer lifetime value and engagement. It tells you which customers need your attention, shows how customers use your product, and helps you measure and optimize the impact of your customer-facing processes.

Natero combines product usage data with other customer data from your back-end systems (e.g. CRM, billing, support) to provide a complete picture of your customer. It applies machine learning algorithms to predict which customers are at risk and which are likely to convert or buy more. You can set up rule-based alerts that track customer behavior and alert you if an account is straying from an ideal lifecycle path.

The customer success platform also includes a comprehensive set of analytics to let you discover customer, product and financial trends and insight. You can compare successful customers with those who are struggling, see if product or process changes improve customer adoption and health, and determine what features drive engagement versus those that need improvement.


Parse.ly, audience data and analytics for digital media publishers, is used by content creators to understand what draws in website visitors and why. Friendly to those unfamiliar with analytics but in the position to make decisions, Parse.ly helps you understand when and where your audience wants to see content, if content works better on search or social, how much you can rely on your existing media brand, and if you should diversify your referral sources.

Using real-time and historical traffic patterns and engagement metrics, you can identify high-quality content, engaging images and videos, new traffic sources for distribution, and audience interest segments that lead to loyalty.

Parse.ly’s dashboard, pictured above, makes it easy for writers and editors find out what type of content their audience wants, when they want it, and where they want it. If you’re interested in knowing the most popular articles in a section or which authors wrote the most in a month, you can organize your dashboard by Posts, Authors, Sections, Tags, and Referrals.

Parse.ly is offering a free 30-day trial for Segment customers only, so if you’re interested in trying it out, sign up for it here.


Ramen is a suite of tools that makes it easy for you to understand how customers think about your product in its current form and what they want next. Ramen is great for product managers but also non-technical folks who want to create highly targeted in-app questions, notify customers about new functionality, and facilitate group discussions about new or upcoming features.

Ramen lets you group customers into companies and provide trait data at both levels. Once this information is in Ramen, you can create custom “Audiences” based on these criteria, and use those Audiences for targeting questions, discussions, and segmenting out responses. To help you give more contextual responses, Ramen pulls in social data about your users in the context of your conversations.

Ramen’s new product, called Amplify, lets you easily turn customers into social ambassadors by asking if they want to help share your announcements.


Webtrends helps you create great digital experiences for every customer through digital analytics, segmentation, A/B and MVT testing, targeting and behavioral marketing. Their multi-channel analysis and reporting lets you see how your customers interact with your brand throughout their lifecycle. Their new Segment integration supports Webtrends Analytics® and Webtrends Streams®.

Webtrends Analytics offers multi-channel measurement across social, mobile, web, and SharePoint analytics. If your website sees an unexpected spike or iOS users begin mysteriously churning, you can perform ad-hoc investigative analysis. Understand the ROI for your digital marketing investments, use SDKs for mobile app data collection, track unlimited custom metrics and scenarios, and evaluate if your investments in YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are paying off by measuring impression, action, and progress events.

Webtrends Streams® helps you monitor real-time interactions through visualizations and dashboards. Use Streams to feed your enterprise data warehouse, contextual personalization and remarketing campaigns. You can segment your digital audience by geography, age group, purchase history, and even champions on social media.

Interested in these tools?

If you’re new to Segment and would like to try out these new tools, sign up for an account with us. If you already have a Segment account, head over to your dashboard and turn on the integration. If you are interested in building a Segment integration, please check out our partner program, and contact us today!