Optimizely has been our most requested integration by far, and today I’m happy to announce that it has finally arrived! With the flip of a switch, you can send your events and revenue directly to Optimizely, and we’ll also sync your Optimizely data back to all of your other Segment integrations!

Unlock your A/B test data!

A/B tests are an extremely powerful way to figure out what works and to improve your business. And if you know which variation of your A/B test a user has seen, you can use that to create super-targeted campaigns or dive deeper into the effects of the test.

The good news is, our Optimizely integration makes that incredibly easy. Whenever a user is exposed to one of your Optimizely experiments, we’ll record which experiment they saw, and send that data to the rest of your analytics tools.

That way, no matter which tool you’re using, you’ll always have access to your A/B test data.

That means you can easily:

  • Create segments in your Mixpanel or KISSmetrics reports depending on the specific variation of an experiment the user saw.

  • Send targeted newsletters from Customer.io, Vero, userfox, or any of our other email tools depending on which variation the user saw.

  • Trigger targeted surveys with our Qualaroo integration depending on which variation of your experiment the user is currently seeing!

And since we add new integrations every week, the possibilities will only continue to grow :)

It’s the easiest integration yet!

Optimizely is slightly different than our integrations because you always want it to load synchronously on your page, so that your visitors never see a flash before your experiments kick in.

Because of that, you don’t need to enter any settings to turn on our Optimizely integration. Just flip the switch, leave your Optimizely snippet embed on your site and we’ll start routing your track calls to Optimizely in addition to your other analytics services.

If you’re tracking revenue as well, we’ve added support for Optimizely’s revenue API, so all of your revenue calls with start flowing right into Optimizely as well. That way you can see if your A/B tests are actually are affecting your most important metric!

To see how all of that works, check out our Optimizely integration docs.

I’m really excited to see what you folks do with all of the possibilities our Optimizely integration opens up! If you come up with anything crazy awesome, be sure to let us know at friends@segment.com.