We added a new Segment integration: Spinnakr!

Spinnakr shows you the top traffic spikes for your website in a crazy simple layout. Then, you can display targeted messages directly on your website to these specific people to increase your conversion.

Breakdown of how it works

  1. See significant events as they happen (like traffic spikes, search terms, changes in type of visitor) in a nicely designed timeline style layout.

  2. Spinnakr pings you by text or e-mail.

  3. Respond by displaying targetted messages and calls to action on your website to people coming from a specific source.

  4. Check the effectiveness of your message by looking at the number of people who clicked your call to action. The idea is to increase conversion during these significant events.

Some people call their design idiot-proof. We think it’s pretty smart as well. Here’s an example of notable traffic from TechCrunch hitting a site (the ideal situation for all of us!), which you can pretty easily respond to:

Image from Spinnakr’s website.

Instead of the typical mind-melting interface where you try to glean some kind of meaning from your traffic graphs, Spinnakr curates important spikes and pushes you to take action on them.

Some specific ways that Spinnakr can be used

  1. Display a welcome message in your user’s native language.

  2. Show special offers to people coming from a specific site.

  3. Display a response to breaking news.

  4. Ask for social media shares or upvotes on Twitter, Facebook, and Quora.

  5. Direct investors to relevant company information.

  6. Point to the recruiting page for job seekers or take advantage of Spinnakr’s integration with AngelList.

…Plus you can test other creative ideas you may have!

Fun with Spinnakr on Segment’s website

I decided to take Spinnakr for a sail with a target audience that I was pretty familiar with: Singaporeans. So, I looked through our own traffic sources for Segment and chose to write a special message for people coming from www.google.com.sg, prompting them to sign up. I even edited my campaign directly on Segment. Here’s what the message looked like, with ridiculous amounts of Singaporean slang:

Spinnakr tracks the effectiveness of your message campaign, calculating % lift over baseline in addition to number of clicks. Check out Spinnakr’s blog postabout how they helped one website gain a 500% increase in signup conversions.

Spinnakr has very lofty goals, and is part of a new generation of tools that are trying to make websites intentionally targeted. Check it out by toggling on the Spinnakr button in your Segment integrations page:

As always, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences with these tools, so hit us up anytime!