We’re excited to announce that MobileAppTracking by TUNE, a helpful service for mobile ad attribution, is now available on the Segment platform.

It’s a tough problem figuring out just how effective your mobile ad buys are, and MobileAppTracking helps you attribute your user acquisition, engagement, and retention campaigns to the appropriate channels and partners.

MobileAppTracking as a Data Source

Our MobileAppTracking integration is a special one. If you turn on MAT via Segment, we’ll pass the attributed data detailing which campaigns a user saw – what we call postbacks – back through Segment to your other analytics integrations. The campaign will show up as a user property. So, with other tools on the Segment platform like KISSmetrics and Mixpanel, you can visualize how customers from each channel use your app throughout their lifetime, and calculate the long-term value of each advertising source.

MobileAppTracking allows you to:

  • Dive into the performance of each of your marketing campaigns to evaluate which are most successful in contributing to the high value users.

  • Easily find and add new advertising partners to your marketing mix to drive targeted results.

  • Increase your app discoverability in the app stores and convert more users.

Check out the docs here for more information about how the MobileAppTracking integration works, and how to enable postbacks.

Current Segment customers can just turn on MobileAppTracking in the Segment control panel to get started. You don’t even need to download an SDK or resubmit to the App Store. Win!

If you’re new to Segment, you can get started here.