Three days ago, our friends at Heap Analytics unveiled their new approach to analytics on Hacker News. HN loved it, and people asked us when we’re adding support for Heap. Today we’re happy to announce that Heap is available immediately via Segment.

What is Heap?

Heap automatically captures every user action in your web app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, form submissions, page views, and more.

If you forget to add an analytics.track to a specific event, Heap will automatically capture it and let you see how many times the event was raised, and by whom.

This is significant for users who don’t have time to instrument their entire web app or those that simply don’t know to code. Just toggle on Heap in Segment, and you can have event tracking immediately without further API instrumentation.

Use Case: Blog Clickthrough

Three weeks ago, a blog article I wrote was submitted to Hacker News. The response was outstanding, and 13,000 people read it over a period of two days.

I was really interested to see how many people clicked through from my blog to Segment, via a link on the right.

I couldn’t use Google Analytics because document.referrer is dropped by modern browsers when navigating from an http site to an https site. I would have to capture the link using javascript on my blog.

However, I had forgotten to instrument the link:

analytics.track_link($('#segmentio-link'), 'Pressed Segment link');

Luckily, I had Heap on my blog. I was amazed to find it automatically captured the outbound clicks on the link.

Now I know there were 628 clicks, meaning roughly 5% of people that read the article clicked through to Segment.

Thank you Heap!

To try out this great tool, just toggle it on in your Segment integrations page, and let us know what you find!