Behind every great customer experience is data

Segment on Customer Data uncovers everything we've learned helping tens of thousands of teams collect, analyze, and act on billions of pieces of customer data. This book provides actionable strategies you can use make data-informed decisions, create personalized user experiences, and ultimately increase customer engagement and revenue.

Why Customer Data Matters

An introduction to customer data that makes the case for why it's so critical to provide customer-first experiences for growing your business. Read Chapter 1 →

By Stephanie Evans Customer Experience Product Lead @ Segment

Choosing Metrics That Matter

Defining the right metrics shouldn't be that hard, yet many teams get it wrong. This chapter provides some easy-to-follow guidelines for choosing metrics that matter. Read Chapter 2 →

By Sudheendra Chilappagari Product Manager @ Segment

Measure the Right Things, Not All the Things!

Which metrics should I track and how should I go about tracking them? We answer this question and much more in this chapter. Read Chapter 3 →

By Calvin French-Owen Co-Founder and CTO @ Segment

Choosing the Right Tech Stack

With more data tools coming on the market each year, finding the right one can be overwhelming. We’ll help you navigate this crazy world by breaking down how vendors compare. Read Chapter 4 →

By Eric Kim Solutions Architect @ Segment

Infrastructure for Your Customer Data

We’ll outline a path for you to build a sound data infrastructure so that you can truly put customers first and use data in a way that’s mutually beneficial for your customers and your business. Read Chapter 5 →

By Eric Kim Solutions Architect @ Segment

Focus on Impact, Not Integrations

Understanding user behavior via event tracking is a complex, choreographed dance among Product, Analytics, Marketing, and Engineering teams. When data collection is done right, each of these teams reap the benefits. Doing so, however, is much easier said than done. Read Chapter 6 →

By Brennan Gamwell Engineering Product Manager @ Segment

Trust in Your Data

Learn why it's critical to build trust in data across your organization and how to lay down the right infrastructure and process for how it's collected, cleaned, governed, and acted on. Read Chapter 7 →

By Kevin White Head of Growth Marketing @ Segment

First-Party Data

When it comes to customer data, not all data is created equal. Discover the benefits of first-party data and how it can be used to construct a data strategy that delivers private, respectful, and personalized experiences. Read Chapter 8 →

By Andy Schumeister Enterprise Product Marketing Manager @ Segment

Unifying Customer Profiles

Coming soon...

By Kevin Niparko Product Manager @ Segment

Activating Your Audience

Coming soon...

By Doug Roberge Product Marketing @ Segment