Google Enhanced Conversions

Advertising measurement

  • Measure and optimize the performance of your Google Ads

  • Match users who convert to the ad programs they were served

Google Enhanced Conversions

Segment’s integration with Google Enhanced Conversions allows you to send hashed and encrypted conversion events to Google’s API, where they can be matched against the ads shown to platform users. This gives you a way to monitor and optimize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns without relying on third-party tracking cookies.

Google Enhanced Conversions

Implementing Google Enhanced Conversions campaign measurement as a Segment destination simplifies the implementation dramatically. Segment CDP was built from the ground up to collect event data, so on the front end, specifying conversion events is easy. Similarly, our engineering team did the work of integrating with the Google API, so enabling it is a snap.

Integrate Google Enhanced Conversions with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Google Enhanced Conversions.