ABsmartly (Actions)

Leading experimentation platform designed for trustworthy, real-time A/B testing

  • Only tool with Group Sequential Testing engine, results 80% faster 

  • Unlimited experiments, users, and metrics

  • Health Check panel with guardrails, actionable alerts 

  • API-first and seamless integration with SDKs

  • Robust analytics tools, state of the art stats, flexible segmentation 

  • True real-time with zero-lag and no flickering

  • Versatile cloud hosting options

  • Transparency across the org; search, share, collaborate

  • Data privacy and robust compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO)

ABsmartly (Actions)

How ABsmartly Works

  • ABsmartly can help with the entire experiment workflow from hypothesis creation, runtime planning, commitment, decision-making and communication, all the way to debugging, data quality and search & knowledge collection.

Experiment setup is personalized to each company's unique needs and there are generally seven steps: 

  1. Basics (type of analysis, fixed horizon or group sequential + type of experiment, non-inferiority or superiority),

  2. Variants

  3. Audiences (tracking, applications, targeting audience)

  4. Metrics (primary, secondary, guardrail, exploratory)

  5. Analysis (error control, monitoring, primary metric, sample size)

  6. Metadata. Within metadata, you can use our five step methodology for hypothesis definition: hypothesis, prediction, purpose, implementation details, action points

  7. Review

ABsmartly (Actions)

Get more out of ABsmartly with Segment

Adding instrumentation to ABsmartly via the Segment integration makes it simple to get up and running without custom code or added implementation time.

All you need to do is paste your API key into the Segment integration page and you are ready to start running experiments immediately. Segment’s user IDs and anonymous ids can be used as triggering units by ABsmartly allowing you to run cross-device experiments where the users are always in the same variation across different platforms, channels and devices. All of this without any custom coding. Segment gets you up and running with ABsmartly in minutes, saving you precious time and development resources.

Without segment you need to instrument the code base with `track` calls using ABsmartly’s SDK or write a small integration that forwards your current events to ABsmartly. With the Segment integration you can leverage all the `track` calls already done via Segment and have them automatically routed to ABsmartly. This allows you to be up and running immediately and without a single line of code.

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Integrate ABsmartly (Actions) with Segment

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