Equals is the next generation spreadsheet natively connected to your live data.

  • Equals is the only spreadsheet with built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration.

  • Founders and operators love Equals.

  • Build revenue reports, CAC/LTV analyses, top-of-funnel conversion, and more based on live data.


How Equals Works

Connect your Segment data to Equals and build a dashboard from the comfort of your spreadsheet.

Directly connected to your data

It's 10x easier to build & automate analyses when your data updates automatically. From cohort reports, to funnel reviews, to board decks - combine Segment information with all of your company's data in one place. Then set your models to update automatically.

Zero learning curve

Don't waste your time learning another data tool. Equals works just like Excel and Sheets — you already know how to use it.

Always reproducible

From investors to future employees, they're going to need to know how analyses came to be. Always be able to show your work.

Work with live Segment data in your spreadsheet to build shareable dashboards.
Work with live Segment data in your spreadsheet to build shareable dashboards.

Get more out of Equals with Segment

Write SQL or use Equals' no code query builder to pull data from Segment into a spreadsheet for further analysis. Build charts, summary tables, and calculate key metrics -- all from the familiar spreadsheet interface. Set these models to update on a scheduled basis and automate the reporting process by sending updates to Slack, email, or Google Slides.

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Integrate Equals with Segment

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