Facebook Conversions API

Advertising measurement

  • Measure and optimize the performance of your Facebook Ads

  • Match users who convert to the ad programs they were served

Facebook Conversions API

How Facebook Conversions API Works

Segment’s Facebook Conversions API integration allows you to send hashed and encrypted conversion events to Facebook, where they can be matched against the ads shown to platform users. This gives you a way to monitor and optimize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns without relying on third-party tracking cookies.

Conversion data is linked to Facebook Pixel events and processed like browser pixel events. This means that server-side events are used in measurement, reporting, and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events.

Facebook Conversions API

Get more out of Facebook Conversions API with Segment

Facebook’s Conversions API introduces a way to send events directly from your application servers (not the user’s device) to Facebook. This type of server-side communication is extremely reliable and allows you to choose exactly what data to share with Facebook, instead of only relying on data the Facebook Pixel collects. Conversions API also allows you to share conversion events lower in the funnel that may not even take place on your website (e.g. within your app, CRM, support tool, etc.).

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