Gainsight Px Cloud (Actions)

Product Analytics and User Engagement

  • Advanced product analytics -  Data-driven roadmap prioritization to increase user engagement

  • Native omni-channel engagement - Scaling onboarding and driving product adoption

  • Closed-loop feedback - Broader user input and immediate action on feedback

  • Up-to-the second data - Better decisions and rapid iteration

  • SaaS, mobile, desktop - Single view of your entire portfolio regardless of runtime

Gainsight Px Cloud (Actions)

How Gainsight PX Works

Gainsight PX typically uses a Javascript SDK that tracks user activity throughout your application.  Using the Javascript SDK to identify the current user allows for user activity to be tracked by user and account.  PX also allows targeted engagements, for example: surveys, guides and announcements.

Gainsight Px Cloud (Actions)

Get more out of Gainsight PX with Segment

By using the PX Cloud (Actions) integration, event data is sent directly from the Segment source to the Gainsight PX servers.  This does not involve the Javascript SDK which sends data directly from the end-user's browser to the PX servers.  This is important when the event data is not originating from within a browser session, but is coming from back-end sources, or when the browser application has not had PX loaded for whatever reason.

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Integrate Gainsight Px Cloud (Actions) with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Gainsight Px Cloud (Actions).