Hyperengage (Actions)

Smart alerting for GTM teams

  • Views: Discover top users and accounts, enriched with insightful data grouped by ideal customer profiles.

  • Signals: Stay updated with real-time user activity notifications via email and Slack that drive action.

  • Playbook Automation System: Centralize the next best actions for your team to build a repeatable system.

  • Automation: Eliminate manual inputs and synchronize data across Go-To-Market tools instantly.

Hyperengage (Actions)

How Hyperengage Works

Hyperengage tracks thousands of data points to trigger smart alerts on hidden opportunities when the accounts are ready for upsell, or likely to churn. By integrating product data into your GTM strategy, our platform empowers CSMs and AE’s to achieve up to 5x higher lead conversion and better retention and adoption.

Hyperengage (Actions)

Get more out of Hyperengage with Segment

Our plug and play integration with Segment allows you to directly send the data to Hyperengage from Segment.

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Integrate Hyperengage (Actions) with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Hyperengage (Actions).