Send Segment events to a Kafka Topic

  • Real-time data streaming to Apache Kafka clusters.

  • Scalable integration of data from diverse sources.

  • Multiple Kafka platforms supported


How Kafka Works

Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that enables the handling of real-time data feeds. It efficiently stores, processes, and streams large volumes of data in a fault-tolerant manner. Kafka facilitates seamless communication between various systems and applications, enabling robust data pipelines and real-time analytics.

Send data to managed Kafka platforms such as Aiven.io.
Send data to managed Kafka platforms such as Aiven.io.

Get more out of Kafka with Segment

Forward analytics and user profile data from Segment Source platforms to your self-hosted or managed Kafka Cluster.  

Supports common SASL authentication mechanisms and Client Certificate authentication.

Offers configuration options for partitions and headers to tailor the integration to your needs.

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Integrate Kafka with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Kafka.