LiveRamp Audiences

Enhance your advertising precision and reach with the LiveRamp data marketplace and seamless integration with Segment.

  • Enable effortless data connection, control, and activation to enhance customer experiences and drive valuable business outcomes.

  • Push users audiences from Twilio Engage into your LiveRamp account to increase the accuracy of your targeting and reach of advertising campaigns.

  • Utilize LiveRamp SFTP and S3 uploads to securely transfer and manage audience data, prioritizing data integrity.

LiveRamp Audiences

How LiveRamp Works

The LiveRamp integration of SFPT and S3 uploads into LiveRamp's services ensures that audience data is securely transferred and stored, enabling organizations to effectively utilize this data for targeted marketing initiatives and customer engagement strategies.

LiveRamp Audiences

Get more out of LiveRamp with Segment

Segment's integration with LiveRamp empowers Engage users to seamlessly transfer user audiences generated in Twilio Engage to their LiveRamp account. This integration facilitates a streamlined process where users can push their Engage Audiences into LiveRamp, enhancing activation to DSP, DMPs, and Paid Media channels. With this integration you can also and more easily leverage LiveRamp Safe Haven clean room by onboarding audiences upstream from Twilio Engage The LiveRamp Audiences destination in Segment allows for easy configuration of delivery preferences, ensuring a smooth and efficient data transfer process. Please note that this destination supports file uploads and can be connected exclusively to Twilio Engage sources, facilitating a unified approach to audience management and activation.

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Integrate LiveRamp Audiences with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up LiveRamp Audiences.