Moloco MCM

Moloco Commerce Media (MCM) is a technology solution that empowers marketplaces and online retailers to build and scale a retail media business (for example, sponsored ads).

  • Leverage and activate their first-party data to deliver highly relevant and performant ads

  • Automate ad decision-making

  • Scale ads business.

Moloco MCM

How Moloco MCM Works

Moloco Commerce Media (MCM) will provide the following systems to empower the ad system.

  • MCM's ML engine ingests the marketplaces' or online retailers' first-party user event data to power personalized ad experiences for each impression. User behavior, intent, and context are some of the key elements in predicting relevant items and accurate click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates (CVRs) needed for a high-performing ad system.

  • Moloco Commerce Media's auction engine is designed to help maximize the efficiency and the business outcome of the commerce media business, such as the ad spend on the platform. Moloco Commerce Media supports various auction types (e.g., first- or second-price auction), bidding methods (e.g., CPC, CPM, PPO), and automation and optimizations (e.g., smart bidding).

  • The campaign management system provides an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface critical in activating, managing, and scaling advertisers. Moloco Commerce Media provides the following system options: 1) a stand-alone, ready-to-use self-serve campaign manager, 2) a widget embedded within the existing brand or seller portal, and 3) APIs for platforms to create and operate their custom campaign manager.

Moloco MCM

Get more out of Moloco MCM with Segment

The Moloco Commerce Media destination can send user events collected using the Segment SDK to Moloco’s platform for a simplified performance ads integration.

This allows you to run performance advertising without having to build your own backend system to ingest and send user event data in real-time to Moloco.

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