Pendo Web (Actions)

Pendo improves the apps you build, buy, and sell so you can deliver better customer and employee experiences.

  • Product analytics - Analyze user journeys across web and mobile applications. Retroactive analytics track user behavior immediately, no engineering effort required.

  • Sentiment analytics - Capture how users think and feel with contextual, personalized in-app polls, surveys, and NPS. Identify areas of improvement to focus on the highest-value features.

  • In-app guidance - Deliver contextual communication to web and mobile users. Drive awareness and action with personalized, no-code guidance based on analytics.

  • User feedback - Centralize and prioritize product feedback in a single location. Analyze & report on feedback based on revenue, product usage, segment & more.

  • Pendo for mobile - Connect your web and mobile experiences to understand and optimize the cross-device journey, and deliver consistent experiences.

  • Product Engagement Score - PES is a single metric that communicates overall product performance over, creating a common language for product results. Drill in to discover opportunities for improvement.

Pendo Web (Actions)

How Pendo Works

Pendo helps you understand users and user behavior through rich analytic capabilities that are specifically tailored for software products with logged-in users. All user activities across the application can be captured and easily aggregated at both the user (individual) and account (company / customer) level. Pendo also allows creation and analysis across customized segments. Segments can be defined based on demographic information (location, browser type), or by specific behavior in the application (have/have not used a specific feature, power users etc.). Pendo supports feature-level tracking in addition to specific pages or links, allowing page elements or clicks to be grouped into defined features. Pendo also allows you to track how users navigate through the application. You can look at the paths they take through different features and pages, how well they follow expected journeys, and where they fall off.

Pendo Web (Actions)

Get more out of Pendo with Segment

The Segment integration allows you to send data to Pendo and other integrated tools. Once you’ve tracked your data through Segment’s open-source libraries, Segment translates and routes your data to Pendo in the correct format.

When Segment’s snippet is installed on your site, it automatically initializes Pendo with your API key. This replaces the standard Pendo implementation method.

You don't have to paste the Pendo install script into Segment because the integration is already configured to send data to Pendo.

When using the Segment snippet, the Pendo agent is injected and passes metadata from the agent to Pendo at the same time as Segment events go to The metadata and values listed on the Data Mappings page in Pendo are given the Agent group type.

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