The Trade Desk CRM

Enhance your advertising precision and reach with The Trade Desk's data marketplace and seamless integration with Segment.

  • Empowerment to leverage extensive data marketplace for enhanced audience engagement.

  • Integrate with Segment for easy transfer of first-party user data to The Trade Desk.

  • Enhanced targeting using first-party user data, including email addresses and hashed emails.

The Trade Desk CRM

How The Trade Desk Works

Segment's integration with The Trade Desk CRM is exclusive to Engage customers. To access The Trade Desk CRM, Engage users need to link the Trade Desk CRM destination to their chosen Engage audience(s) via the Engage UI. Once linked, a CRM segment labeled with the Engage audience name becomes visible in the Trade Desk Portal. Segment ensures automatic updates to the CRM segment, reflecting user movements in and out of audiences, on a daily basis, maintaining data accuracy and relevance.

The Trade Desk CRM

Get more out of The Trade Desk with Segment

The Trade Desk's CRM API empowers businesses to seamlessly manage advertising campaigns and interact with a vast data marketplace. This facilitates efficient data transfer and engagement with valuable audiences, enhancing targeted reach using first-party user data like email addresses and hashed emails. By integrating this API, companies optimize advertising precision and campaign effectiveness, leveraging UID2IDs for improved audience targeting and privacy-centric ad personalization.

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Integrate The Trade Desk CRM with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up The Trade Desk CRM.