TikTok Offline Conversions

Offline Conversion products help advertisers measure TikTok ad impact on offline customer actions, like in-store purchases, subscriptions, and more. Attributing online and offline events is crucial for measuring omni-channel campaign results.

  • Measure how TikTok ads influence offline conversions. Learn what online strategies lead to better Brick & Mortar sales, subscription sign-ups or leads.

  • Power holistic attribution models with cross-channel event tracking. Combine online and offline touchpoints to get comprehensive campaign metrics, like ROAS.

  • Reach offline customers online with custom audiences. Promote new products or services to high-value customers who initiate offline events.

TikTok Offline Conversions

How TikTok Offline Conversions Works

Segment’s TikTok Offline Events API integration allows you to send hashed and encrypted offline conversion events to TikTok, where they can be matched against the ads shown to platform users. This gives you a way to monitor and optimize the effectiveness of your offline ad campaigns.

Data shared through the Offline Events API becomes visible in TikTok Events Manager. Advertisers can use this data to power solutions like dynamic showcase ads (DSA), custom targeting, campaign optimization, and attribution.

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