SEO and competitive analysis

  • Offers keyword ideas that are highly relevant to your site, your target audience, and the topics you want to rank for

  • Compares the SEO keywords of up to competitor 10 sites to see where you stand against your competition and uncover keywords it gets traffic for

  • Runs an SEO technical audit to uncover any problems preventing you from receiving more search traffic and gives tips to fix any action items

  • Gets website traffic statistics and performance metrics for competitor sites, then benchmarks and tracks your performance relative to your peers


How Alexa works

Install Alexa by adding a script to all pages of your site. No custom coding is required to use its core features. Once installed, it will crawl your site to make sure traffic sources, visitor information, and pageviews are being collected accurately, excluding all bots. The tool started as a simple way to share certified traffic numbers with stakeholders and partners. Now they offer advanced competitive research and SEO capabilities.


Get more out of Alexa with Segment

Segment makes it quick and easy to add Alexa’s certification snippet to your site without any code changes. All you need is your Alexa Account ID and Domain. As soon as you enable the integration on your Segment Javascript source, your site will be verified in Alexa. Since Alexa only needs basic page loading metrics, your Segment events and user traits are not sent to the tool.

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Integrate Alexa with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Alexa.