Client-side journey intelligence platform

  • Code free site tagging, no engineering-heavy instrumentation required

  • Self-serve Event Marking, minutes to insights

  • Gain full visibility into the digital experience

  • Increase conversions and sales and drive loyalty and retention

  • Eliminate errors, reduce friction, reduce development time


Get more out of Auryc with Segment

The powers of Auryc and Segment allow for insights automation without custom code or expensive engineering implementation time. Just sign up for Auryc, and paste your credentials into the Segment integrations page and the Segment snippet will load Auryc automatically and your journey to automated insights begins immediately.


How Auryc works

Auryc captures 100% of engagement events and content for customers and visitors - a high fidelity record of users’ digital journeys including all clicks, views, swipes and user input data, system performance data plus CSAT, NPS surveys and feedback.

Our journey intelligence platform indexes and reports this data in an organized way for a shared, user-centric understanding of your customers’ lifetime journeys - qualitatively and quantitatively

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Integrate Auryc with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Auryc.