Commerce marketing automation

  • Gathers customer data into unique profiles so marketers can track demographic information, shopping behavior, and order history

  • Automates omnichannel marketing campaigns for text-to-join, e-receipt, pop-up sign-up, and refer-a-friend campaigns based on audience segmentations or automated recommendations

  • Auto-calculates performance and supports A/B testing tools to target new prospects or reengage with customers who have completed custom goals or events like abandoned cart or completed purchase


How Bronto works

Bronto powers its commerce focused platform by tracking the identities and orders of users that interact with your site. In order to work, Bronto requires a JavaScript code snippet to be installed on each conversion event you want to track. This code snippet includes details about each user and the actions they are taking, and needs to be configured within the code according to the parameters for each of your conversion events.


Get more out of Bronto with Segment

With Segment, all the customer data you’re collecting from your websites, mobile apps, or servers gets sent directly into Bronto, utilizing your existing Segment implementation. The result is that you don’t need to do any additional installation or duplicate instrumentation of code from Bronto. Enable Bronto in your Segment integrations page to automatically load Bronto’s Javascript library onto your pages. Segment will map any “Order Completed” track events straight through to Bronto in the format it expects for conversion events, including the product SKU, description, quantity, name, and price properties defined in the Segment event.

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Integrate Bronto with Segment

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