Your all-in-one analytics platform

  • Cohort analysis: divide users into clusters based on their behaviors. Identify the most valuable users and what makes them tick.

  • Funnel analysis: visualize the steps users take to complete a task. Identify problem areas and create reports with flexibility.

  • Scalable analysis: lightning-fast query speeds for huge data sets thanks to an in-house online analytical processing system.

  • A/B testing and User Engagement: automated, targeted and action-oriented messaging to engage users. Experimentation allows you to build better products with data-driven decisions.


DataRangers works by collecting user movements and traits that users/visitors make across your site, app and mini program. DataRangers provides. Implementing DataRangers requires you to map out your events and user traits to be collected, decide which libraries and SDKs you need to collect that data, and install them into your product(s). DataRangers reporting is straightforward once data is flowing.


By using Segment for data integration, you can conveniently collect and manage your data from the source to server. Also, you can easily manage data and integrations with services across your Growth, Product, and Marketing stack. Segment provides APIs and corresponding libraries to complete user and event tracking. These APIs/libraries can support most platforms, including iOS, Android, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, etc.

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