DoubleClick Floodlight

Ad tracking and reporting

  • Creates image pixel tag to track user action once they click on Google Ad

  • Avoids cross-channel redundancy by using a single set of Floodlight tags 

  • Integrates directly with AdWords conversion tracking and Google Analytics to track activity across platforms

DoubleClick Floodlight

How DoubleClick Floodlight works

Floodlight is a system used to track and report conversions that originate from ads you serve via DoubleClick. It requires the installation of an HTML Floodlight tag on each page you want to track. When a customer clicks an ad and lands on a page with a Floodlight tag, the tag sends data about the conversion back to DoubleClick. A Floodlight tag is code composed of HTML elements provided by DoubleClick, customized with your account authentication id. You can obtain the customized code in the DoubleClick interface. However, implementation is typically performed by a webmaster or developer who is familiar with the particulars of your code base. If you are implementing the tags yourself, be sure to refer to the DoubleClick Floodlight conversion tracking documentation and to place your code in the correct location.

DoubleClick Floodlight

Get more out of DoubleClick Floodlight with Segment

Using Segment, you can send information directly to DoubleClick without the need for even using the Floodlight tag. By enabling the DoubleClick Floodlight integration in your Segment settings, this will instruct Segment to route data collected via your Segment code onward to DoubleClick, as if it were collected by the Floodlight tag. All you have to do is enter your DoubleClick Advertiser ID into your settings and map the Segment track events to their corresponding Floodlight tags. When you use Segment to turn on DoubleClick Floodlight, you effectively cut out any need for additional developer resources, writing any custom event tracking code, or learning new tags to make the tool work for your business.

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Integrate DoubleClick Floodlight with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up DoubleClick Floodlight.