Email Aptitude

Full-service email strategy and management

  • Provides email audit and oversees testing, deployment, and logistics to track metrics and automate adjustments for email marketing, business evaluation, and “long-term enhancement”

  • Audits email deliverability to review statistics and create improvement plan by triggering email campaigns based on re-order triggers, cart abandonment, welcome emails, or product purchases

  • Supports “Rival Explorer” so companies can track any competitor emails and filter views based on copy, subject, keywords and more to attempt to extract insights from competitor send activity

Email Aptitude

How Email Aptitude works

Email Aptitude powers its full-service email automation platform by tracking the identities and conversion-related actions of users that interact with your site. In order to work, Email Aptitude requires a JavaScript code snippet to be installed on each webpage and for each conversion event you want to track. This code snippet includes details about each user and the actions they are taking, and needs to be configured within your site code according to the parameters for each of your conversion events.

Enables click-to-add triggers based on custom events
Enables click-to-add triggers based on custom events
Email Aptitude

Get more out of Email Aptitude with Segment

With Segment, all the customer data you’re collecting from your websites, mobile apps, or servers gets sent directly into Email Aptitude, automatically. The result is that you don’t need to do any additional installation or duplicate instrumentation of code from Email Aptitude. Enable Email Aptitude in your Segment integrations page to automatically load Email Aptitude’s JavaScript library onto your pages. Segment will map the details of your user interactions straight through to Email Aptitude in the format it expects for conversion events (so that you don’t have to do that manually either).

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Integrate Email Aptitude with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Email Aptitude.